Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More doctorates

Professor Balaram discusses about producing more Ph.Ds. An important data that should catch the attention of policy matters is that

The NSF survey goes on to poll the foreign students regarding their future intentions. For the period 2005–11, 86.4% of Chinese and Indian students indicated a desire to stay on in the US; the highest amongst all the countries from which students were drawn. China the emerging (or emerged) superpower and India (a country actively wooing expatriates) do not seem attractive destinations for recently graduated US Ph Ds.

While I have my own theories and opinions on why this is so, it is best left to policy makers to ponder on this and come up with feasible solutions. Some opinions are given here.

Two articles on open access: Book review and editorial

PS:Sorry for the long absence in the blog. It has been very busy (even busier than usual) and I have not even looked at the comments in the blog. It may be better now that the financial year end woes seem to have ended.