Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Admissions - 2011

I have been receiving several queries on both UG and PG admissions. Here is the status.

UG: (BS)

Additional offers have been made based on performance in KVPY-SA (2009) and KVPY-SX (2010) examinations. From the KVPY-SX stream, offers have been made to all general category applicants with ranks of upto 209. 
From the JEE stream, offers have been made to all general category applicants with ranks of upto 504.
Under AIEEE, offers have been made to all general category applicants with ranks of upto 248.

Emails and letters by speed post will be sent to all the selected candidates by this evening (June 15).

PG: M.Sc (Engg) and Ph.D

Many departments must have announced their provisional selection lists either on the notice board or on the web site or by both. The reason this is called provisional is because we have verify your certificates. In the case of PG admissions, no formal letters will be sent by email or speed post. Please log on to the iisc admission website and get your official offer letter printed out. The offer letters should be online by Saturday evening, if not, definitely by Monday evening (June 20).

Good luck and best wishes for your studies in IISc. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PG admissions

I have been receiving emails enquiring about the differences between our M.Sc (Engg) program, M.E program of IISc and M.Tech programs of IIT. M.Sc (Engg) is similar to the M.S. programs offered by some IITs like IIT-M and is a research program.  The M.E. program of IISc is similar to the M.Tech programs of IITs and is largely course based.

In IISc, a candidate for M.Sc (Engg) takes 12 to 18 credits of course work while a M.E./M.Tech student takes nearly 32-40 credits of course work. The more course work enables a M.E. student to pick up more basics and understand the fundamentals better. The average time for graduation for M.Sc (Engg) and M.E. in IISc is 2 years, 5 months and 2 years, respectively.

My advice: If you get admission to M.Tech in a major IIT with a good research program, choose it over M.Sc (Engg), unless you really want to do research, in which case the latter is better.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

UG admissions

The first set of offers for the UG admissions based on JEE has been announced. For the general category, this closed at 251.  The earlier offers had been made on KVPY ranks.

Some people have been asking why IISc is admitting students based on JEE. Though IITs and IISc have no world class faculty, IITs have always had world class (defined by the honorable minister as applicants who have cleared JEE or CAT) students but IISc did not even have these students. By admitting students through JEE, IISc is filling up this void.