Thursday, December 18, 2008

Indian Science Academies

In an article in Current Science titled "Losing out on Fellowship of Academies", Professor K. R. Rao suggests that the success of being elected as a fellow of the academy depends primarily on how well one can network in the community. Professor CNR Rao comments, "There are many people in this country who look down upon people who publish papers or comment on their work. In fact, I am sorry to say, some of the Academies have encouraged the art of non-publishing"

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Anonymous said...

One of my colleagues told me a story regarding selections in India. A manager wanted to recruit a secretary for him. So, he decided to interview three girls in presence of a psychologist. The manager asked a wide variety of technical questions. The psychologist asked the same question, "what is 1 and 1", to all the three girls. The first girl said "2", the second girl said "11" while the third said, "it can be 2 or 11, depending on what you mean by "and" in your question." The psychologist summarized the interview to the manager and said "The first girl is straightforward, the second is devious while the third seems to be most complete. Who do you want to select?" The manager replied, "My friend's daughter."