Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cycles in IISc

Bicycles are the most common mode of transport within IISc among students. I hope this will not change with the increased scholarship money :-)

The student council had organized an excellent initiative on common cycles. Yesterday, CISTUP organized a cycle jatha, where (among other things) the advantages of cycling was discussed. One of our alumni, who is currently a professor at Bangalore university, has fabricated several kinds of bicycles (when he was in IISc) and writes about his experience. He mentions how a office attendant (a kindly soul) sidled up to him and whispered that it would do no good for his maryada (loosely translated into English as ‘self respect’) to be found cycling. I solved this problem by buying my bicycle from an office attendant, when he bought a car !

With the near completion of the perimeter road and the near unanimous support of all chairman (at least at the meeting) for restricting motorized vehicular traffic to just the arterial roads, I hope that many will start using bicycles and encourage the student council's initiative.


Anonymous said...

Prof. Madras,

Great to know that you are helping out with such an environmentally friendly option. I have heard that cycles are very popular in some of the large-campus IITs like Chennai and Kharagpur.

What is this perimeter road? Is this a new construction project?


Giri@iisc said...

I am not helping out. it is only an initiative of the student council.

The perimeter road is part of the IISc campus plan that is to be implemented soon.

Nitin said...


BUT its very imp. for me to know..Sir This year M going to appear for Gate.. but sir could you please tell me "Is Doing ph.D is better than doing ME" from iisc .. or should i try for ME by taking a drop of this year and preparing for the same..???