Saturday, December 25, 2010

Overheard the New Delhi airport while boarding the Indian Airlines flight to Bangalore. "I can't understand how rediff can say that Google is the best company to work for in terms of work and salary. Nothing beats a government job in terms of pay to work ratio. It is nearly infinity because the denominator is nearly zero."


Yayaver said...

Yes, that attitude gives birth to the bureaucracy.

Anonymous said...

Govt job in Academia in India: In This case if you want to work on what you were hired for you are likely to get less than 10 % working time of all working hours you can put in. The rest of the time you will be on committees with a bunch of idiots who think nothing of arguing their asses off just to please their ego and waste te time of others, not to mention the politics they want to do just to PREVENT doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I used to hear a lot of this from friends and family. Lately, what I hear more is that since all those politicians and government workers are making a ton of money by selling out the country, I must be making a lot from it as well, since I work for the government.

Previously, I used to hand my head in shame for being a bum. Now I hang it in shame for what those "other" government workers are doing.

There in no honour in serving your country any more. There never was any money. If you want to sit on your butt and drink coffee, that is a different story.

Anonymous said...

Anon above:

It is not that bad. The IIXs are relatively clean institutions. So, you should be happy if you work for one.

The private sector in India is strong, pays well and is much less corrupt. Very soon, there will be many private universities. If working for the government bothers you, you will have other options.

Corruption is a big problem in India. I personally think that we have to do something drastic to control this problem that is eating away the country like a termite infestation. Drastic= death penalty like it is in China. But, if 95% of people are corrupt and obviously no one wants to die, what is the solution?

Less government, according to me.

Privatize everything, and you will see the difference. I remember how I would yell and fight to get a demand draft made in an SBI 15 years ago. Then came the private banks. And today, even SBI will courier you a DD on the same day because they have to stay in business.


Anonymous said...

one of the main problems in iisc are the inefficient and incapable profs who do pretty much zero research nor guide their students to do research. and yet they are being funded by the taxpayers money.

they must be identified and thrown out

rick2047 said...

Anon above,

Is that so? Does indias finest post graduate and research institution also has a this type of members? Being in IISc as a student is one of my dreams, I would like to believe that working there would be good also.