Monday, November 21, 2011

Number of Ph.Ds

IISc now generates the highest number of PhDs in computer science in the country. In 2011, 91 people enrolled for a PhD in computer science at the Computer Science and Automation (CSA) department in IISc, up from 35 five years back. Coupled with master's students, the department has more than 250 students on roll. This tremendous growth may be attributed to two reasons : (a) IT research labs in Bangalore (b) the current chairman of CSA. When some people become the administrative head of a particular department, the particular department shows remarkable growth both in terms of faculty and students. This indicates that leadership matters even when there is no direct benefit to the leader!

Update: The total number of Ph.D students enrolled in CSA is 91, not the number of students who joined this year.


Dheeraj Sanghi said...

You are absolutely right about the leadership playing an important role in the growth of any entity, be it a department, or the whole institute. Congratulations on having such vibrant research programs.

gautam said...

Is 91 the intake or the total number of PhD students in the programme? I suspect the latter. I think the number 25 for IITB in the newspaper article is wrong if it is the total number of PhD students in CSE. IITG itself has 51 PhD students in CSE (with 24 faculty). It will be interesting to see the number of PhD degrees awarded in the last three years by different Institutes in CSE.