Saturday, July 28, 2012

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  • All opinions expressed in the blog posts are mine and mine alone. Comments on my blogs are not moderated. That is because even I though I may not agree with what you say, I believe in your right in saying so. This brings me to the main point: I am not responsible for the comments on the blog. They are expressed by readers and I neither endorse nor disagree with any of the comments.
  • Just because I have a website for prospective candidates for IITs/IISc, it does NOT mean that I encourage doctorates to join these places. If YOU take a decision to return to India or join these places, the website provides you information to do so. It does not mean that I encourage you to return to India and/or take up a position in these institutes. 


Anonymous said...

"It does not mean that I encourage you to return to India and/or take up a position in these institutes."

Do you then discourage people to return to IITs, because of the politics involved ??

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous above: Opposites and negation are very different things. For example, a number which is not positive is not necessarily negative --- it might also be 0. So while the author does not encourage people to return to India, he possibly does not intend to discourage people either (while that is also a possibility). [1]

Anonymous said...

Hi Prof Giridhar and the rest,
Thanks for maintaining this site and helping all of us thinking of or returning to India to run a research group. There is a lot of info about Engg depts. I am joining the Bio Sc. division at IISc in in a few months time. I have not had a clear communication from chair of the department regarding startup, labspace or anything else. Is that usual? Are things likely to happen at a faster pace once I arrive. Anyone has ideas on how things work in Bio Sciences division. Thanks!

SM anonymous

vishu said...


If your department is in the new biological sciences building, note that you will get a lab space of 1700 sq feet. You should get a start up of 25 lakhs plus additional amount to furnish your lab (if you are in the new building). You could get more money to start under special circumstances, about which you should contact divisional chairman. For all money related issues write to divisional chairman who is very prompt in responding to queries. For all dept specific issues (lab space, etc) write to a junior faculty in your department.

Anonymous said...

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