Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bhatnagar Prize

My heartiest congratulations to my colleagues, Profs. Ravishankar, Arindam Ghosh and Mugesh, for winning the Bhatnagar prize this year. All three of them are my friends, have an outstanding academic record and truly deserving of the award. All three of them had won the Swarnajayanthi fellowship earlier.

It is my privilege that I actively collaborate and have joint students with Ravishankar.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see alumnus of BHU winning award for work in materials science.

Anonymous said...

Not material science, materials engineering

Anonymous said...

Not to complain, but just wanted to mention a recent experience in an international conference. One of the faculty from NIT had an oral presentation (don’t know who made that decision). At first, he apologized that he actually don’t know anything about the field and as soon as he goes back, he will start working in the field, and then he presented review article (copied pieces and figures from the article) from a completely uncorrelated big lab. Honestly, I felt emberassed that he was so clueless about what is expected in the oral presentation in a conference. I think IISc/IITs should take a leading role in cleaning job in the country and explaining to NITs and state universities what is acceptable and what is unacceptable in doing science.

Anonymous said...

So, Professor Giri should visit each NIT and tell them how to do research??
Why should they listen? After all, NIT professor earns more than IIT young professor.

How many IIT professor do research?

Many NIT and IIT professor go abroad for conferences because MHRD pays Rs 3 lakhs for 3 years to attend conferences. So, they go and enjoy a foreign visit on taxpayer's money.

Anonymous said...

Annon above, 9:44am, the comment was not aimed at Prof. Giri, but to the entire IIT/IISc community. Attending conferences is an important part of the job of the scientist and it helps them to stay tuned with the field and generate new knowledge. I am sure this NIT person also learned his lesson which he could have done without embarrassing himself. In this kind of situation, maybe more people from NITs should be able to go out and attend conferences and this will give them a chance to see the professional and appropriate conduct. There is a long way to go.

same anon 7:31pm