Wednesday, October 2, 2013


As the times higher education (THE) World University Rankings will be published at 9 pm British time on October 2, senior officials at MHRD have already denounced it while the American universities are yawning at it.

Unlike many other systems, the above ranking system using scaled citations for the particular field. It is well known that the average impact factor and citation index vary from field to field. Thomson Reuters (who own Web of Science) scale the citation based on field and even country bias !

IISc will not be ranked this year either. The THE rankings needs undergraduates who have graduated from the institution. This will happen only in 2015 and THE uses citation data based on the prior two years. Therefore, IISc will be ranked only from 2017.

However, based on the data provided by them,

Teaching 36

Research 37

Citations 59

Industry income 36

International outlook 17

yielding a rank of 226-250 for IISc. Four IITs (Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur and Roorkee) rank between 351-400.


Anonymous said...

seriously nobody cares. let iisc/iits start giving back something to the indian society, instead of just stealing tax-payers money.

Anonymous said...

To the anon above who wants the tax payer money back...The least...least IISc (so does IIT) does is train master's and PhD students so well that they can work after graduation for top companies...and be very productive. Almost all of them earn huge salaries and pay large tax money back to the government.

It is difficult to quantify or express the connection between the research done by faculty to the development of the country. Again, if you look at all the people who are making significant contribution in the technology & science sector, you may find that many of them are trained in these good institutes. (similarly for humanities etc and the corresponding good institutes for that..)

If you look at NCERT textbooks used in schools, those are designed by people who work at these institutes.

If you dig deep you will find many such examples and connections.