Saturday, November 8, 2014

Anand Carlsen

Anand takes on Carlsen for the world championship starting today. Best of luck to Anand !

Games start at 5:30 pm IST. Watch it live !

A preview here.  I wish to see a lot 1.d4 games in the upcoming matches. No more boring Berlins !

Update @9 Nov, 9 pm: A blunder by Anand 34..h5 closes the game. Qd2 may have drawn the game. Guess he completely missed Qb7.

Update @11 Nov, 9:30 pm. Anand proved superior by playing a very theoretical game of the Queen Gambit Declined. The first 20 moves were exactly the same from the Aronian - Adams from Bilbao Grand Slam Final 2013. Aronian played Qe2 and drew. Anand played fxe4 instantly and had the advantage. But the advantage was not much till Carlsen did a mistake with 28...Ba5, which basically lost a bishop. Somehow, I had a feeling that even if Carlsen had not blundered, Anand would have won because he was precise and controlled the c file. I hope Anand plays like this and win.
Was distracted today because Anand missed Qb7 in the previous game

Update @15 Nov, 9 pm. After 26. Kd2?, Anand blundered by not choosing 26... Nxe5 27. Rxg8 Nxc4+ 28. Kd3 Nb2+ 29. Ke2 Rxg8 30. Rxh6. All the moves are forced after Nxe5. Read all about it here. Anand should and hope will prove me wrong but it will be very difficult for him to come back. 

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Vijay Sethuraman said...

Anand was brilliant in Game 3. The total domination down the c-file brings back memories of his win against Kasparov in the 1995 WC match. Now the match is tied and wide open with plenty of games left!