Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Four year B.S. Programme

Bangalore university is planning to start a four year B.S. programme in sciences. The program by Bangalore university is to attract science graduates and become equivalent to the B.E/B.Tech degree. Currently, B.Sc students doing masters degrees are not eligible for scholarship by the government but B.E/B.Tech students doing masters degrees are eligible for scholarship. Making all bachelor's degree uniform is not a bad idea. So far, so good.

The article says,
the proposed B.S. course has on offer a doctorate degree within the next two years. If the candidate does not wish to continue for two full years and comes out after a year, still he/she will get a M.S. degree. In essence, one can become a ‘doctor’ within six years after coming out of the Plus Two science course under this system.

Ph.D two years after a bachelor's ? or one year after a masters? Wonderful. When I heard that people were coming up with ideas to increase the number of doctorates in sciences and engineering, I never figured out that this would be done by giving out doctorates in two years. The next step would be to rename the M.E/M.Tech programs that require also two years after B.E/B.Tech as Ph.D.


Anonymous said...

" In essence, one can become a ‘doctor’ within six years after coming out of the Plus Two science course under this system."Well thats about the time it takes for a guy to become a 'doctor' from a medical school whereas it takes abt 9 yrs in science/engg...

Someone might have brought this CRUEL DISPARITY to the notice of BANGALORE UNIVERSITY which immediately took remedial measures to restore PARITY and JUSTICE , hip hip hooray! for BU

Anonymous said...

What is the value of a ph.d from bangalore university even now? They may give a ph.d in 6 years or 2 years, no one gives a damn. The only job that a bangalore university ph.d will get is as a lecturer in the same university. It is already happening, why not quicken the process.

Neel said...

If the 'quality' remains the same, it doesn't matter (really) if the bachelor's degree is of four years or three years or ten years.

Rather than making mockery of 'doctoral' degree, BU (for that matter DU/BHU/MDU etc..) should emphasize more on improving
the quality of bachelor's degree. Updating the (outdated) syllabus; Encouraging students to 'do' experiments (in other words, discouraging students to copy and submitting the 'ages' old lab reports), Assigning some degree projects; should do no harm!!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing this course. The course itself is very well thought out, and infinitely better than a normal 3-year BSc. It adopts a system of majors and minors- which is just how it is abroad- and is very challenging.
The only problem is, again, that this is BU. Things move really slowly and nobody really gives a damn. Although, to their credit, they've done a pretty decent job of finding the right staff. They've also implemented many topics that science students ought to know but aren't taught in a normal BSc, and deleted all the outdated/useless stuff. The course is aimed at developing one's concepts, which I think is it's main merit.

Sharath Seshadri said...

The syllabus of B.sc (PME) is what I studied around 15 years back. Just for the sake of degree you can do it , but it does not have any weightage. Doing M.sc will also not help , you need to take additional courses after M.sc to prepare yourself for the industry, else whatever may the degree from BU will not help . The first thing for them to do is get good faculty and provide proper insight.