Monday, April 6, 2009

Survey in IISc

I wish to congratulate the students who conducted the survey and benchmarked all the services offered in IISc. The results of the survey were published in Voices, which is hosted in NCSI. I read the article with great interest over the weekend. What struck me was not just the professionalism in conducting the survey but also the thoroughness of the analysis of the data. 

None of the services got five stars (excellent) or one star (very poor). Three services got two stars (poor). Of these three, the contract to two of these services may not be renewed next year and we will use this input by the students as a parameter !

I have only one suggestion: increase your sample size from the current 10%. Two ideas for doing this: (a) The survey was open only for a week. Send a reminder through the broadcast at the end of seven days and tell the survey deadline has been extended by two more days (and keep it open for three days :-) Most of us work only after getting a reminder. (b) Keep printed copies of the survey near the messes with the boxes to put them. Someone, of course, has to enter them in the online survey manually. 

I do not know whether anyone from the Voices team reads this blog. If you do, congratulations again.

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Deepti said...

Thank you very much sir for the kind words and appreciation, which keeps us in high spirit
Will definitely keep your suggeations in mind for next issues
Thanks again

Voices Team