Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New pay scales

The new pay scales for IITs, IIM, IISc etc. are likely to be approved by August 1, 2009 and implemented by September or October, 2009. Subsequent to the Goverdhan Mehta's committee, another committee was set up and this had submitted the report. These salaries are likely to be slightly higher than what had been proposed by the Goverdhan Mehta's committee.


Anonymous said...

Can you please reveal the proposed pay scales for Polytechnic teachers?

Anonymous said...

Dear Prof. Giri,

I have a PhD from IIT in an engineering discipline and now doing my postdoc in a US university. I have been in this postdoc position for a year. I am thinking of applying for a faculty position in one of the old IITs. I came to from your blog that generally candidates below 35 yrs of age will be preferred. I am below this cut-off.. but wonder if I start applying now. Could you please let me know what are my chances of securing a faculty position with just one year postdoc experience in established IITs.. If I stay here one more year will my application be given preference since I will cross 35 years.. Your advice on this will be very much helpful for me to act on my career quickly.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Comparing the IITs/IISc/IISERs to the univs is an apples and oranges comparison based on resources/ money alocated but I am curious as to the performance of these univs compared to the premier institutes. Further, how is it fair that a productive researcher at a premier univ. get less pay than a IIT professor just because he is at a univ. and not at an institute ?