Sunday, July 4, 2010

BSNL combo plans

This is in response to several emails asking me how to get reimbursed for broadband when the bills are higher than Rs. 250. This will be the post that I will link to.

IISc (and most probably, IITs) reimburse your telephone and broadband bills, up to a certain maximum. These limits are Rs. 750 for telephone and Rs. 250 for broadband. Telephone can include both landline and mobile charges. For Rs. 250 for broadband, BSNL allows only 1 GB of download and no free night time downloading. To avoid this, one can choose a combo plan from the many combo plans that are offered by BSNL.

For example, one can choose BBG FN Combo 600, which gives you 350 free calls on your landline and 2.5 GB download in your broadband and you also get free download during the nights (2 am to 8 am). Choose the plan carefully, because some plans limit your download speeds to 256 Kbps. For optimum use, choose plans that allow speeds up to 1 or 2 Mbps.

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Dear Prof. GM,

I am working as a post-doc in one of the reputed institutes for Ocean and atmospheric studies since last 3.5 years. Currently I have 12 published papers (including one in Science and with h-index of 8). However, since my aim was always to be civil services that did affect my academics and I always managed to score higher second class to first class during my education. Now I am planning to move to India do you believe that with such a strong publication and successful research record but with average academics I can apply for IISc and IIT? I would highly appreciate your valuable word of response in this regard.