Monday, July 12, 2010

Search for meaning

Pavan Soni in his blog writes (I like the following paragraph; does not mean that I agree/disagree with the other issues mentioned in his blog),

Now the point I want to drive home is the amount of peace that faculties and students here at IISc have with themselves and with the work they do. A mere walk at the campus will take you to 'good old days'. Bicycles around you, professors walking in their slippers (often talking to themselves), and virgin, lush, green forest with quite a few species of animals. It's a jungle of different kind.
I appeal, just for once, to students to visit the campus of IISc, interact with students and faculties (if you are lucky) and gauge their worth.


Anonymous said...

Soni sayas: "While almost all IITs have gone corrupt with excessive commercialization and complete lack of research activities, IISc is still considered as the mecca of research in India."

He seems to be in unawareness of what is happening in IITs. To glorify yourself, you should not always unnecessarily try to defame others.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Soni is imp. because GM refers to him. Mr. Soni further says, "While at IITs a tremendous focus goes on undergraduate students (who in turn focus on placements or getting into IIMs), the one at IISc is towards rigorous research." - If UG teaching is the mandate of the IITs and in spite of that they are able to produce research output, they are great. That IITs are corrupt and excessively commercialized is funny. If someone considers IISC as the best he is free to do that and we respect that opinion irrespective of the fact whether we agree or disagree.

Ankur Kulkarni said...

His comment about IITs is out of place - may be just a slip of the mind. But the central theme of his article rings true: many Indian campuses are like monasteries or ashrams where learned men can withdraw from the rest of the world, live in the company of nature and spend their time in high thinking.

Anonymous said...

Prof. Madras, Do you agree with Mr. Soni's take on IIT?

Giri@iisc said...

My opinion is the least important but the answer is no.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the quoted paragraph. I spent a couple of summers as an intern in IISc, and they were some of my most memorable and rewarding times. For me at least, taking walks round the IISc campus were a excellent way to get some rambling thoughts in order. I have been lucky enough to move on to a couple of other universities, whose campuses are very beautiful and peaceful as well, and this habit of taking walks to get my thoughts together has persisted.

Anonymous said...

Alas, this beautiful campus is being slowly eaten away by all sorts of unscrupulous elements. IISc land has been stolen by a hanuman temple, a mother godess temple, and the entire MS ramaih instute of technology to the north of IISc campus is built on stolen IISc land.
Next, a small temple is coming up
inside the campus close to where the ex-director Goverdhan Mehta lives.

Thieves are chipping away at prime public land in the middle of the city and the administration is nonchalant. Mr. Soni may have to take one of his future walks inside a mall in Bangalore.