Wednesday, October 13, 2010


to the Indian side winning the test series against Australia 2-0. Congrats are due to Vijay and Pujara for making the chase memorable. Pujara was sent ahead of Dravid because India wanted Dravid and Tendulkar to guide the chase when the ball will reverse swing after 40 overs. But they finished off the game before 40 overs !

Having been faithfully watched all the test matches in Bangalore, I have always been disappointed because India has never won in Bangalore after I returned to India in 1998. I had fly to Chennai to watch test matches where India would win. I watched all five days of this game. On the first two days of the game, I was in the A stand (Rs. 250), near long off. On the next two days of the same, I was in the N stand (Rs. 400), which is right on the top of the sight screen and my colleague, Praveen Ramamurthy and I went early to sit right behind the stumps on the third and fourth day. On the fourth day, after Tendulkar scored his double hundred, he was distracted by the white shirt I was wearing. Dhoni signaled to us and asked me to move slightly away. And, then Sachin got out after scoring ten more runs. Maybe he would have scored 250 if he did not make me move :-) I moved back to the original seat for the Australian innings. On the fifth day, I reached the stadium only after lunch and to see India cruise through !

My other colleague, Ramamurty, who is a great fan of Laxman, got me the tickets. Thanks, Ram. However, he did not come for the third day of the test match. He will surely regret it !

The analysts on the news channels that I am watching now somehow give the impression that we dominated the match throughout. The Mohali test was won only because of Laxman's outstanding innings; the Bangalore test was even-steven till this morning. One outstanding session on the fifth day in both the tests for India sealed the game and headlines like "India trash and dominate Australia" are unwarranted.

So are the surveys and articles on whether Dravid and Laxman should be dropped for the next matches against New Zealand. Dravid averages 45+ in the second innings in his career and Laxman averages 80+ in the second innings after March 2009. While they have immense talent, unless Vijay and Pujara demonstrate their mettle on bouncy pitches in South Africa and be consistent over a period, do not even compare them to Dravid or Laxman.

The best moments of the test match
  • SRT reaching 27, 50, 100, 150, 200 in the first innings and 50 in the second innings
  • Ponting getting out in the 70's in both the innings.
  • North's hundred. North seems to either gets dismissed below 10 or scores a hundred in every innings.
  • Vijay's maiden hundred in the first innings and the 306 run stand with SRT
  • Zaheer getting substantial reverse swing and Ojha's perseverance. Was not impressed with Sreesanth. Bhajji was good but not the person who bowled in 2001 in Chennai.
  • Pujara's outstanding fifty on debut. The last Indian who made a fifty in the fourth innings on debut: Gavaskar !
  • The lap of honor to the crowd and Dhoni calling the crowd as the 12th man.
  • My colleagues who gave me company !


Anonymous said...

My interest is only research, which I try to perform without any diversions and I have nearly no other interests, except for philosophy and music related to it.
I believe in working with passion in whatever we do, however "small" the work may seem to others.
I named this blog "Life in IISc" because I spend all my time in IISc. If I am in Bangalore, I am in IISc, nowhere else!

Giri@iisc said...

Yes, you are correct. Having played at the state level in chess and cricket, I still like to watch live games and matches. However, these occasions are quite infrequent.

Anonymous said...

You should read this satire

This is particularly apt in the context of SRT pointing to MSD about a guy wearing a white shirt and sitting just above the sight screen and once you moved...SRT getting out soon!


Giri@iisc said...


Yes, very apt



vignesh said...

SRT got out because your presence wearing white shirt affected his concentration! Had you not been present at that place, he would have scored 300 as well!

Anonymous said...

After more than 15 years, I recently watched a test match. The tradtional white attire has now given way to crassly commercialized excuses of white tea-shirts and trousers. Does anyone still play cricket the old fashioned way - without logos attached at every visible part of the anatomy?