Tuesday, October 5, 2010


to the unsung hero of Indian Cricket, VVS Laxman for taking India to victory in Mohali. Playing with a very very sore back, the very very special man played a brilliant knock to win the test match for India. Even though he has done it numerous times, and his Kolkata knock being ranked by Wisden as the best knock by an Indian, he is India's Atlas but still an unsung hero.

Laxman has often been the most disposable member of the Indian team. It seems he has been playing for his place in the side throughout his career. Still he has played so many of these saviour knocks for India that he thrives on these situations now. Possibly he longs for them. At least he wishes he could bat the same way in normal circumstances as he does in crisis. Cricketers spend entire careers wishing to bat in crisis as they do in normal situations. That's the world of Laxman

Dhoni, Sachin and Sehwag endorse 21, 14, 7 brands, respectively, earning hundreds of crores. How many brands does VVS endorse? None.In the post awards ceremony, the camera pans to Laxman's smile when Ravi Shastri announces the man of the match: Zaheer Khan. That's the character of the unassuming man, who later apologizes to Ojha for yelling at him in the penultimate over and credits Ishant Sharma for the partnership and plays down his role in the win.

Why don't nice and unassuming people get duly credited? In science, I have seen a few scientists who have everything: good publications, large number of citations, patents, teach well and be not recognized. I am told this is because they do not have "quality of mind" (whatever this means). I do not know what it is equivalent in cricket. Maybe being flashy !


G Sivalingam said...

On a remarkable day, when a 36 year old physicist winning nobel prize for graphene, this 36 year old man showed his class with another remarkable performance. Hope this unsung hero will also have his day off the field.

AK said...

I think this has to do with the system in India. I have seen a lot of Indians (and Asians in general) who are very very good at doing things (research, music, sports etc.) But these people are not so good when it comes to presentations. Maybe because we are taught from a very young age to be humble and not get carried away. However, if you look at Americans, they are very good at presentation skills, but have lower performance than Asians. Again, IMO this has to do with how people are brought up. Someday both cultures will learn from each other.