Sunday, March 6, 2011

Admissions in IISc

I have been receiving several queries on admissions to IISc. Unfortunately, I am unable to answer all emails individually because I simply do not have the data. For example, I have no idea on the cutoffs of GATE for various categories in different disciplines of study. All I can say that the cutoffs for the M.E. program are usually in the 99th percentile but I have no clue as to how many marks in the particular subject will result in that percentile.

The other set of emails is about admission without GATE. IISc does admit students to its doctorate program in engineering without GATE. The information brochure states,

Candidates with BE / B Tech or equivalent degree, with excellent academic record in the qualifying degree as well as in Standard X and XII examinations will be considered only for admission to a limited number of seats in the Ph D programmes.

However, I do not have any idea on the number of seats or what constitutes as an excellent academic record. Candidates without GATE are not eligible for the master's programs in IISc.

Though many of my colleagues contend that GATE is a stupid exam that should be scrapped, all I can say that the average marks scored by B.E/B.Tech candidates are not likely to be higher than the average marks that can be scored by a class XII student. Whether it is the fault of the exam or the education system in India can be a matter of contention.


ganesh said...

Dear Sir,
Many are asking this question because the criteria used by IISc & Other IITS are different.For example, this year's IISC Application for ME requires only the marks scored in the GATE paper(out of 100) whereas the IITs admit ME students based on GATEscore(out of 1000). The GATE office is no longer publishing the percentile of the candidate!

AS long as there is no uniformity, confusions are inevitable.

Students are asking you clarifications because you are atleast reliable.Also, they can enquire with no one else in the institutes' administration!
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

I think admissions to IITs and IISCs have to be a bit more transparent and lucid. It is highly confusing. There is no 99 percentile cutoffs now as GATE does not publish the percentile.

This year IISc is admitting students based on GATE marks(/100).

I would like to get your clarification on this.

Assume, in GATE 2010 CH paper, a mark of 60 would correspond to AIR 10.

In GATE 2011, if 60 marks would correspond to AIR 100, on what basis would you admit a student if mark is the criteria?

C P Vyasarayani said...

It makes no sense to look at average marks in GATE, as admission in IIT and IISc is granted to top 1-3% of the candidates who appeared in the exam. Taking a mean is a biased estimate as many people write GATE just like that (for fun or to check their luck). Only a handful of students sincerely prepare and crack the exam, who are definitely good.

Anonymous said...

In GATE 2011 CH, i found one question in thermodynamics was not-clear(i could very well have misinterpreted the question). There were reports of GATE questions being wrong. In that case how will you evaluate that question?

my suggestion would be:

1. After the GATE results are published, GATE office should put up the key along with the descriptive solutions on the internet.
2. As in GATE all questions are objective, you can publish which all questions a student has attempted and how many of those were correct along with the rank.

This will probably lower confusions.

My 2nd question is:
A student who has written GATE in CH, he is eligible for applying in Aerospace, climate science etc.

If suppose 1 seat is vacant in aerospace dept. A Chemical engg student with AIR 25 (in GATE CH paper)and an Aerospace student with AIR 55 (in GATE AE paper) apply.

who will the institution admit?

Giri@iisc said...

GATE evaluation is carefully done. IF a question is ambiguous, some options that are followed are

a. marks are given to all candidates
b. marks are given to all candidates who attempted the question.
c. the question is removed from the evaluation.

Regarding your second question, in AE for example, there are fixed number of seats for each branch. Therefore, they may be 5 seats for AE, 2 seats for CH, 2 seats for ME etc. If the candidate has written the CH paper and he applies to the AE department, he/she should be in the top two who have applied. Rankings are not compared against different branches.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Can you please tell me how MSc(R) is different from Mtech Course??

What would be the future prospectus & Placement?

aish said...


I am Aishwarya. I got AIR 85 and a score of 884 with 70.67 marks in GATE 2011 CS. What are my chances for IISc?


aishu said...
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aishwaria said...

Dear Sir,

I am Aishwaria doing my final year B.Tech Biotechnology. I have applied for Research Program at IIsc. I have got 60.33 marks and 98.65 percentile in GATE'11 Biotechnology. My All India Rank is 221. I come under general category. Will I be able to get into IISc?
Awaiting your kind reply.

Thank you,

Giri@iisc said...

Admitting by marks in GATE is most confusing because one can not compare this year marks with last years marks. The GATE score (out of 1000) is, however, comparable. GATE score is based on average and standard deviation of the paper for a particular year. However, most faculty do not understand these differences and think GATE score is GATE marks x 10.

Anyway, I will try to get this process changed (atleast from next year) and the admission will be based on GATE score and not marks.



kapil said...

sir, i m 3rd year chemical engg, student , my GATE2011 score is 687,marks obtained are 64, air-64,can i get admission in IISC Bangalore

kapil said...

sorry, marks are 56

The Kid said...

I thought I saw the IISc admission results on zeole bangalore... but I might be mistaken...

Anonymous said...

sir....what is expected release date for the admission list in M.E ????

Giri@iisc said...

The admission list for M.Tech has been released. The admission list for M.E will be released on Monday, April 11.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
is it on April 11TH?
Till now, no notification in the IISC Admission site!
couild you pl confirm the date?

Giri@iisc said...

I checked, it will be released this Friday.

Anonymous said...

sir, in the application form, the marks entered has been automatically converted to score. So now, there is no confusion.

I have applied for chemical engineering dept; wouldn't be making it through in IISc i believe but surely into other IITs with my GATE score and passion for thermodynamics and theoretical studies.

sir, your blog is awesome. I got both information and inspiration from your site.

Thank you sir

Giri@iisc said...

Thanks for your comment. Don't be surprised if you are offered. The cutoffs for the chem engg department has been dropping year after year for the last four years.


Anonymous said...

dear sir,
when will the ME direct admission list be published?

charls said...

Dear Sir,
I got Offer letter from Aerospace department for M.E. Sir. my questions are

1. how good the placements are for M.E aerospace in iisc?
2. If the placements are not good, will i get a job in aerospace companies after completing M.E
3. i heard that most of the M.E students in IISc pursue Ph.d as they dont get jobs for a certain period of time.. is that true?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir ,
I got AIR 63 in mechanical with a GATE score of 791 in gate 2011 . The number of students appeared this year is around 81000 . While last year for an AIR of around 140 (number of students were around 60000) , GATE score was 840 .
Now this year , IISC aerospace ME program is admitting through GATE score , and the last year score of 840 got the offer while i didn't , which was a bit disappointing.

Now analyzing the formula of gate score i found out certain ambiguities .

While analyzing the average marks and standard deviation of marks , it's done for a tenure of last 3 years , although the gate scorecard is valid for 2 years only , so shouldn't the data of those 2 years be only considered .

Then the addition of average marks of past 3 years in the formula and subtraction of this year's avg. marks from original marks , conclude that if the toughness level of the paper increases in current year as compared to previous years , then a person has more probability of scoring good GATE SCORE , even with not so good GATE Rank , while if the toughness level of the paper reduces , then a person might not not have a higher gate score , even with a good rank .

And this is exactly what happened in toughness level of GATE 2010 and GATE 2011 paper of mechanical stream

So , how would one justify that a person having better percentile and better rank would not get the offer , just because the toughness level of paper reduced this year , cause this factor can't be controlled by the student who is appearing for GATE.

Shouldn't there be some other criteria which would prove more uniform and justifiable . In my opinion percentile was a much better option , as compared to GATE score .

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir ,
I have one more query regarding the admissions in ME Aerospace admissions .
In this year's offer they have mentioned a clause that if a person don't take admission in the offered seat , then that seat might be transferred to next waiting list candidate .
Now , gate score of 840 (GATE-2010 ) got the offer , while mine score is 791 (GATE-2011).
Considering previous year experiences , according to you what are my probabilities of getting offer of ME Aerospace .

Thank you

KM said...

I am an IISc alumni. Sometime in the mid 80s, IISc started to admit students for ME, with only gate scores. Prior to that, there was an IISc entrance exam/interview for ME admission. Soon after they started admiting with only GATE scores, I heard the quality of students went down. I think IISc should conduct its own entrance and interview, the process would be long and laborious, but it would pay dividends.

Krish Mohan