Thursday, March 31, 2011


In the elections in Tamilnadu, If you vote for the DMK, you will get a mixer, grinder and a washing machine; If you vote for the AIADMK, you will get a mixer, grinder and a fan. Therefore, the choice is between a fan and a washing machine. I called my friend in my village and asked him what he wants. His answer was simple, "Electricity"


Anonymous said...

Public should be aware that its the tax payers money with which the parties plays. By giving TV,fridge etc, the party gains more than it looses.

American by choice said...

Public have only themselves to blame for mess in Tamil Nadu and in Indian politics.
A quick analysis -
Q) Who can be swayed by TVs and Grinders?
A) People who don't have them (people without money and education and people living around poverty line).
Q)Who cannot be swayed by TV and Grinders?
A)People who have them (people with money, with education or middle and upper class).

What is the point - Competing parties don't announce any major incentives for educated people. This is because educated people don't care and don't vote. Therefore, elected office represents judgements of sub-standard intellect.

You may ask whether the situation will change if the turnout is 100%? Not immediately. It took over 50 years to degrade the elected office. It may very well take 50 years to fix the mess. In my opinion, 100% voter turnout is a good starting point.

My Conclusion - People who don't vote should SHUT UP and should not complain.

Anonymous said...

It is incorrect to blame the public for all the mess. Nobody in TN wanted any party tV .Fan etc.It is the DMK first & the ADMK next to offer them.The biggest problem now is vote for cash.Here also, the public is helpless. Money is distributed in many ingeneous ways.Though the EC has taken it seriously, it couldnot stop this at all the places. It is the "muscle power" behind this money that people are afraid.