Sunday, June 5, 2011

UG admissions

The first set of offers for the UG admissions based on JEE has been announced. For the general category, this closed at 251.  The earlier offers had been made on KVPY ranks.

Some people have been asking why IISc is admitting students based on JEE. Though IITs and IISc have no world class faculty, IITs have always had world class (defined by the honorable minister as applicants who have cleared JEE or CAT) students but IISc did not even have these students. By admitting students through JEE, IISc is filling up this void.


Anonymous said...

good sarcasm

Anonymous said...

people in india think students who crack a tough high school exam(JEE) are world class.
major fallacy

Anonymous said...

It is one thing if "some people" think so, it is another if the minister who funds these institutions thinks so.

Anonymous said...

Good one !

Anonymous said...

Very good sarcasm.

VJ said...

I wonder why none of the faculty responded to the minister's statement about researchers in Indian academia. IMHO, a simple statement/summary of factual indicators of research productivity (e.g., research publications) could be easily prepared and made public (which I believe newspapers would be dying to get their hands on). Such an statement would not only shut up the false criticisms, but also bolster students' confidence in Indian institutes.

Instead we resort to the good old passive aggression aka sarcasm.

PS. Several researchers from Indian Institutes (IISc, IIT-B, etc.) are clearly doing world class research (Anybody who cares about the case for some fields in computer science research can check ).

Anonymous said...

Prof. Madras has indeed done that. Look at

In addition, in his interview to the newspaper, he has clearly mentioned that while IISc (IIT) compares well with the 50th ranked university in USA, it does not compare well with the 10th ranked university in USA. Much of the discussion is based on actual stats and not some hand waving arguments or reputation.

Well, a 50th ranked university in USA would be around 200 in the world. Is this world class or not? But people like the minister or even some scientists make comments without presenting any sort of data or measure.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why Minister trying to compare Apples and Oranges? Just see the research facilities in US Institutes. I am an Assistant Professor in one of the reputed Institutes in US and have first hand experience of "Awesome research" being carried out by Indian brains. Given the infrastructure, facilities and remunerations, IISc and IITs are doing tremendous job. Ask PhD students of IITs. How their novel ideas die in absence of research facilities and encouragement from faculty.

Sunny said...

Very Well Said Sir.

Purbarun Dhar ( B.E. Mech.Final yr. NIT Durgapur ) said...

A really Good one Sir,
What a country our great nation has become ......where a student clearing an +2 entrance examination ( of course a noteworthy feat if it is IITJEE & AIEEE ) is credited with geniosity over the faculties of the IITs........and we thought humor was dying out from within Indians. And ironically, India would have belittled all other nations in scientific and technological progress had it not been for these same politicians for whom every sphere of our lives is a new way to better their own lives and names .......such men are to be pitied sir, pitied.
There are thousands of engineers who shift to the managerial streams each year.......what have they done to stop such a valuable loss of brainpower which could have propelled the nation forward ??? It would be acceptable a comment from the ministry after they have done some real work for people ( for a change ).

Keep up the great work Sir. the blog rokzzzzzzzzzz