Sunday, August 28, 2011

JMET cancelled

The joint management entrance test (JMET) used for admitting students into the institute’s department of management studies has been cancelled and replaced by the common admission test (CAT) conducted by the IIMs. Therefore, all IITs and IISc will use CAT instead of JMET.

For a long time, many IITs have wondered where their management departments rank vis-a-vis the IIMs. In India, the reputation of the institute is primarily governed by the cutoff in JEE/GATE/CAT and now we will know  the "real" rankings of the management schools of IITs/IISc with respect to IIMs.


Anonymous said...

The management department in IITs are much worse than IIMs. XLRI, Bajaj, ISB etc are much better than IITs.

The IITs will now figure out what it means to be second rate

vergere6 said...

Professor, I'm curious as to your opinion on the management schools at IISc and IIT. As objectively as possible, where do you think they stand?

Giri@iisc said...

Curiosity killed the cat. Giridhar

Anonymous said...

In rankings, IIT-B is ranked 10, IIT-D is ranked 15 and IIT-KGP is ranked 25.

Regarding IISc, the ex-director remarked that in all the departments, IISc is ranked within the top five of the country but in MBA, IISc is not even in the top five of Bangalore.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that you talk about ranking the institutes. Isn't it obvious that totally ordering the institutes in terms of prestige/impact is too naive to be meaningful?

If it were, and as most rankings say, IIM-A > IIM-C, then all alumni of IIM-A would be more successful than those of IIM-C. I'm pretty sure not too many alumni can claim to be more successful than Indra Nooyi.

If by rankings you mean research impact, then how many of those getting admitted into any of these institutes have actually seen the work being done by faculty there? Worse still, is it understood by magazine editors which publish these rankings?

Its probably time for people to realize that simply getting admission into any one of these institutes is not a ticket to greatness/success in life.

Anonymous said...

The recent rankings of top b-schools in India in 2011 was as follows.
Only 3 IIM's in top 10.

1.) IIM-A
2.) IIM-B
3.) IIM-C
4.) FMS, Delhi
5.) IIT-Delhi
6.) XLRI,Jamshedpur
7.) IIT-Bombay
8.) IIM-Lucknow
9.) ISB-Hyderabad
10.) MDI-Gurgaon
11.) IIFT Delhi
12.) NMIMS
13.) JBIMS
14.) IIM-Kozhikode
15.) IIM-Indore
16.) IIT Kharagpur
17.) IIT Kanpur
18.) IIT Roorkee
19.) IIM-Shillong
20.) NITIE

Anonymous said...

What about IIM-L?

Anonymous said...

Frankly these rankings are generally rigged and inaccurate. They also vary widely. I studied in an IIT b-school, after leaving offers from top private schools (did not make it to IIMs though) and I currently teach in a reasonably good university in the USA after getting a PhD from a top 40 US b-school. Just to let you know, my batch at IIT MBA had toppers from NIT, other govt colleges, places like Jadavpur Univ, Anna Univ, BITS Mesra, Roorkee, and so on. So while the IIt b schools are not IIM, they are not too far behind either.