Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ticket pricing

The above screenshot shows how the executive fare is lower than the economy class fare ! No one can beat the pricing algorithm of Air India.


Anonymous said...

You should never use jpg for text. JPEG is meant for photographs - png or gif works better for non-photographic images

Anonymous said...

In Jet airways, a few years ago I once got
(price of 2 tickets)>2*(price of one ticket)

Difference of about 2000 rupees. I booked two separately

Anonymous said...

Once I have to go to Banglore form Kanpur and there is no direct flight. Either you go to Delhi or Lucknow and catch flight. for the same aircraft, the cost was higher for Delhi-Banglore than Lucknow-Delhi-Banglore. Note the aircraft was same. Flight takes off form Lucknow, stops in Delhi and then reaches Delhi. Cost ws less for extra distance!!

Lucknow is 100km from Kanpur. Delhi ~500km form Kanpur.

Vinay said...

airline ticket pricing has always been a mystery to me. Air Canada and Lufthansa have code-sharing on flight from Mumbai to Edmonton. A ticket for this route on identical flights, when booked through Air Canada, were cheaper by more than Rs. 3k than the fare shown by Lufthansa!!

Ankur Kulkarni said...

In all fairness, you are comparing flexible 'economy' fare with regular 'executive' fare. It is not clear what the price of flexibility is; perhaps it is as high as that?

Anonymous said...

A search for Delhi to New York (say, late September) on AI gives two options:
1) AI 101 from Delhi to New York direct
2) AI 421 from Delhi to Mumbai and AI 101 to New York via Delhi!

The latter is cheaper for some dates :)

Anonymous said...

Here`s my experience: I am planning to fly from Srinagar(Kashmir) to Hong Kong in a week`s time. The Air India flight from Srinagar to Delhi to HK cost Rs. 13.5 k with a flight change in Delhi.

On the other hand when I checked to see the flight costs from Delhi to HK, it turned out to be rs. 14.5k.

Effectively they are "paying me 1k" to fly to Delhi with them-Weird!