Monday, September 26, 2011


to my friends and colleagues in IISc, U. Ramamurty and K.N. Balaji for winning the Bhatnagar award in engineering and medical sciences, respectively.

Congratulations to my good friends, Balasubramanian Sundaram and Narahari Sastry, for winning the award in chemical sciences.

Congratulations also to Sirshendu De, a fellow chemical engineer for winning the award.


Anonymous said...

I have a small question? What are the parameters to judge a candidate for Bhatnagar award. Is the selection procedure same like Nobel prize...the discovery for sth which will benefit the civilization.
I did not have any idea about this award until i joined IIT as new prof. And here i realized that almost every prof think it as the nobel of india.
Believe me I was feeling very low at my 5pm coffee table when i realized that how ignorant i am to know abt this award so late..

SM said...

Nobel??? Reminds me of that saying - "purre mohallah me world famous" (world famous in the entire neighbourhood)...

SSB is a prestigious award given to the scientists <45 years old. To my limited knowledge, most of the recipients of the award typically publish a lot of papers (with or without relevance to country or civilization at large) and for sure are well connected to the whoswho of Indian science...

One can compare SSB as the Nobel of India in the sense that it is the highest (pure) scientific award. But since Nobel has always emphasized on the benefits of the research to the human race and since Nobel is also awarded in literature, peace, and economics, in my views, the Indian awards that should be compared to the Nobel are the Padma awards or the Bharat Ratna which, in principle, are given to the people from all walks of life (including science, economics, medicine, engineering, literature, peace, social sciences, culture etc) whose work has benefited the country or civilization.

BharatIndian said...

SIr I would like to ask two questions:

Why dont indians get nobel prize. It is by now 80 yrs since we got the last nobel prize in 1930 by CV Raman. We could win Cricket world cup twice an Oscar but why not a nobel

Is it because India is not a developed country. Why this discrimination. CV Raman received the award during the British rule in India. So should we enslave ourselves again so as to get the nobel prize.

Or are we not producing path-defining research.?