Thursday, September 22, 2011

Doing and finishing Ph.D

Some links:

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Anonymous said...

I did finish my MS+PhD in 4 years with 11 papers. So staying focussed and doing 16-17 hrs of hard work per day is the key. We do need a good advisor too

Anonymous said...

Having a good advisor is important. Many faculty in IISc/IIT have no interest in students.

Working 16-17 hours is not required.

ajaypaip said...

'Wonderful' is the least I can say about this blog. I must thank you, Giridhar sir, for all your efforts in maintaining this lone site on research activities at IISc/IITs.
It is highly fortunate to find all the necessary information in one place.
Hope you come up with more posts about research at IISc.

Thank you once again...

Anonymous said...

@anonymous sep 22,11 5:06PM

haha, truly said

milieu said...

I agree with ajaypaip that Prof. Madras is truly doing something incredibly useful to Indian students by giving them a view of the scientific establishment, the good and bad of it. I hope he tolerates and takes in good humor the cynical comments like Anonymous, Sept 22 above for it also adds fun to this blog and maybe gives a release valve to lot of pent up frustration that academics have.

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