Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ph.D fellowships

Just when IISc has decided to stop admission to non-GATE qualified students for its direct Ph.D (i.e., after B.E./B.Tech) programme, IIT-Gandhinagar has announced the following
In  order  to  attract  students  of  IITs,  NITs,  and  certain  top engineering colleges in the country to its Ph. D. programme, the Institute  is  offering  direct  admission  to  fourth  year  B.  Tech. students  regardless  of  whether  they  have  qualified  GATE.  An additional fellowship of Rs 10, 000 per month will be given to the
students who qualify GATE.

How do you define a top engineering college? Should one go by the rankings, where Amity University is ranked 18 while IISc is ranked 41.


Dheeraj Sanghi said...

I believe that IIT-GN will not use media rankings, but will decide the list internally.

Digbijoy Nath said...

I guess the ranking which the link linked to was for B-schools only.

Pratik Ray said...

@ Digbijoy Nath: A B-school ranking list without the IIMs in the top few does not sound right.

Ankur Kulkarni said...

I think the exact definition of a top college can be vague and is immaterial; so long as IIT-GN is the widening applicant base, it serves the purpose. Candidates who are not enough will be dropped anyway.

Hari said...

BTW, Why IISc is not admittinging non-GATE candidates for its PhD program?

Vimal Mishra said...

Here is the detailed information on Ph.D admission:

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Anonymous said...

I think offering PhD option to UG students without being bothered about GATE is a good move (at least worth a try) by IIT Gn.

As far as the point regarding how the ranking of engineering colleges wil be done..Well..My unsolicited advice would be open the portals for all the institutes which have been accredited as 'A' Grade by NAAC.

The benefits of that would be

1. Remove the scope of favoritism by IIT Gn to any particular institute (public or private).

2. If all the IITs were to follow similar scheme, this will motivate all the Tier 2 and Tier 3 institutes to go for accreditation and try to secure 'A' grade.

Of course, this assumes that NAAC is not corrupt or at the least can

a. Put up the general objective criteria for grading and the reasons for the given grade of each institutes in open domain. (Difficult to implement I guess)

b. Does not shy away from giving relevant information under RTI citing 'national security'.


Anonymous said...

ERRATA : I meant departments which have been graded 'A'. An institute is too broad a parameter to give any conclusive evidence.

The last point of previous post ends with a :) . [I hope it conveys the sarcasm].

RG again..

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