Saturday, November 16, 2013

Game 6

Sachin retires. Anand likely to lose now..

I find it interesting that both players seemed to think that 57. Rg8+ was the decisive mistake, allowing Magnus' king to move to e3, but the engines insist it's a draw until 60.Ra4. If 60.b4 is played, all engines show a draw.
Stupid journalists asking Anand about Sachin's retirement. Irritated Anand says he was not following it because he had other things in mind. Next, he says, "Doing your best means doing your best. I don't know why you don't understand English" I think losing these rook endings are getting to him.

I have no idea why Susan Polgar is explaining chess..has 64 squares, algebraic notation. In twitter, she says that people of all levels are following and she has to explain this. Those who do not know this are not following chess live ! Please.

What else, Ravi Shastri will explain what is run and run out on Star Sports??


Anonymous said...

"Stupid journalists asking Anand about Sachin's retirement."
Anand should have asked those idiots to pose questions about him to Sachin.

Balaaji said...

Sir,The key here is that Anand is long past his best and doesn't have the stamina to match Carlsen's endgame accuracy to the end anymore. Maybe five years ago, but not today.He also had a chance to go for more double-edged continuations but he played timidly and with that "fear" Kramnik spoke of. The result is a 2-point lead and a potential massacre. And yeah the level of questions in the Press Conference was cringeworthy. There should be some basic IQ test before allowing most of these journalists into the press room.

Anonymous said...

The commentators are trying to hard to engage the viewers in these long chess games. Most often, their analysis is limited to obvious next moves. They all seemed to be at loss to explain when the players make a move that they did not anticipate.
It is tough job to be a commentator for a Chess game. I thought that Tanya Sachdev is doing an admirable job than the others.