Friday, November 15, 2013

Sachin Sachin

..chants the entire nation. It is difficult to discuss his contribution to India. Just by doing his job of playing cricket, he has done something others can only dream. In my opinion, no other individual has brought as much as happiness to Indians in the post Independence era. He has shown how hard work and humility can help individuals reach great heights. But the key is enthusiasm. As MSD said, "His schoolboy-like enthusiasm for the game is something I envy and admire."

For people who do not understand what is so great about him, they have to be ground when he bats. I have watched him hit a century in Chepauk against Pakistan, a double hundred in Bangalore against Australia and so many other knocks, which showed his talent and ability to soak in pressure. When he bats, time stops. As Hayden said, "I have seen God. He bats at #4 in tests for India"

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