Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Travel - Air India- relaxation

Subsequent to my last post on travel by Air India, one of the staff members of IISc wrote to me that I should write to the joint secretary for exemption. I was granted permission within a day. Here is what I wrote,

Sub: Air Travel on official duty

      I am writing this letter to you in connection with the recent circular dt. 13.07.09 of the Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, notifying the usage of Air India for travel on official account by the officials of the Govt. and autonomous bodies.

      I intend to fly from Bangalore to Pune and back on 12th September to attend an official meeting. As Air India does not have a direct flight from Bangalore to Pune, the possible means is to fly to Mumbai first and then take a taxi. In view of the time constraints of academic schedules and the extra expenditure involved in the route deviation, I request you kindly to permit me to use the private carriers to fly directly from Bangalore to Pune and back.

      Thanking you in advance and awaiting your favorable response through FAX.

With kind regards,


Anonymous said...

This simply means that your travel arrangements were facilitated by a secretary. Like the one you have in the department that arranges for tea and snacks. I often wondered why important government officials are called "secretaries". Now I know!

Anonymous said...

As far as the relaxation in view of unmanagable circumstances is concerned, why it is to be referred to M/O civil aviation, when will the approval come as officers are flying from all parts of country. It should be left to respective heads of Dept of each organisation because they are nearest to their officers who have to travel as air travels are normally sudden. This is a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

M/O Finance order makes mandatory travels by Air India for Govt officials.Why should the Govt officials endanger their lives with the frightening accidents which Air India has. AIR INDIA should compete with others in technology and services. Even lime water for 2nd time during travel is denied for a few passengers on board.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am sent several FAX including E-mail for relaxation of rule for a particular official visit to Coimbatore, but I did not get reply. Due to this restriction, I need to spend two extra days in Hotels during onward and return journey. Do not we think it is wastage of money when we need to spend it out of a project funds. Can anyone help me ? I have used sent the FAX after taking the information from this website.

Anonymous said...

Why can't then one go in train or bus from Bangalore to Coimbatore and back?