Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MHRD notification of new pay scales

UPDATE: New scales have been notified.

The new pay scales will be notified by MHRD within this week. The notification will be based on this document.

Thanks to six of my colleagues, who pointed to two main articles on this, which are reported in The Telegraph and the comment section on the pay panel hub. I do not know anything else !

The main points for IIT/IISc/IIM are as follows:

Assistant Professor: Existing persons in the 12000-18300 up to the level of 15780 will be moved to Rs.30,000 in PB3 with AGP of 8000. All new recruits will be placed at Rs.30,000 in PB3 with AGP of 8000. Movement to Associate professor from assistant professor requires minimum three years of service as assistant professor and six years experience.

Associate Professor: Existing persons with 16400-to-20000 up to the level of 18,200 will move to minimum of 42800+9500. To become professor, one has to serve at least ten years of experience.

Professor: Existing persons in the 18400-to-22400 up to the level of 20,400 will be placed at 48000+10500. 40% of the professors who are in 10500 AGP for 6 years will move to 12000 AGP.

Director: Rs. 80,000

Please see here for more details on allowances and other benefits.

The following scales were sent by email to me. I do not know how accurate they are but they seem to be consistent with the rest of the recommendations.

Deputy Director: Rs. 75,000

Senior Professor: All the existing persons in the 22,400- will be placed at a minimum of 54000+12000.

The following is the fitment table. AGP for each scale has to be added. They are 8000, 9500, 10500 and 12,000 for Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor and Senior Professor, respectively. The fitment table for UGC is here.


Anonymous said...

Prof. Giridhar, where did this information about Senior Professor & Deputy Director come from? It doesn't seem to be in the document you linked to.
Also interesting to see the "Secret" stamp! Such major national security issues!!!
Thanks anyways.

Anonymous said...

Giridhar, do u mean to say that at a prerevised basic of 13260:

a UGC guy will get PB4

a NIT guy will get PB4

an IIT guy will get PB3


Anonymous said...

The fixation of Associate professors is at the minimum of 42,800 for those who were between 16,400-18200 in the pre-revised scale?

Then what happens to those who were more than 18,200?

Anonymous said...

Is there a map of old pay scales to new?

For example, a basic of 12840 in the old for assistant professor will correspond to what in the new scale.

I guess 30,000 for assist. profs corresponds to 12000 in the old scale right?

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Thanks Prof. Giridhar for a very informative posts in your blog. However, I am bit disappointed that only those posts relating to pay scales and 'self image' are getting maximum attention from readers as seen by the number of comments. I smell a modified Babudom! This reminds me of the times when I was in University, where any faculty gathering will have discussions only related to pay and tax. Why not discuss more of how to improve our old system than keep discussing pay scales. We all could positively have a debate on things for improvement of our science (such as how to deal with our administrators, how to write good grants etc) and pay is only one pillar of it.

Anonymous said...

Please do not accuse Giridhar of this. In fact, when I joined IISc newly, he helped me about on so many things including writing grant proposals, guiding me to higher administration, getting quotations for equipment. He is very helpful, though I learnt later that he is probably one of the busiest people on campus.

He is probably the last person who is interested in pay and pay scales. He does not own even a bike !

Regarding discussion on other issues of system, why don't you read his previous post on NIT, which also received several comments. He has also posted on issues concerning citations, publications etc.

If you feel that information on pay scales etc are not important, it is not so. His blog was the only source of information before I joined IISc. Same was the case for my friends for whom the blog was the informal faculty handbook of IISc.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs,
In my comment (comment 5), I did not write anything about Prof. Giridhar. He is doing extremely well as a scientist and helps a lot with his blog. However, my comments were about the attention we, the readers, give for his posts...only those with pay scale related topicss have induced discussions.

Anonymous said...

The fitment table seems to indicate that an assistant prof with 6 years of experience and a new recruit are at same pay level. How atrocious!

Anonymous said...

Dear Prof. Giridhar

Please remove the following statement from your post:

"The committee had recommended that after three years with AGP of 8000, they will be moved to PB-4 with Rs. 37,000 with AGP of 9000 but this has not been approved."

MHRD notification is prepared for future recruitments. Look at the following clause of MHRD notification:

8. Other service conditions:

(v) In respect of other categories of institutions, pay fixation will be made as per CCS (RP) Rules, 2008 and the Fitment table issued by MHRD for UGC funded institutions vide letter No.3-112009-U.1 dated 4m June, 2009, which is available on the web-site of MHRD.

It simpally means that UGC fitment tables which states that "after three years with AGP of 8000, incumbents will be moved to PB-4 with Rs. 37,000 with AGP of 9000" is valid for all.

Anonymous said...

Prof. Madras,

In the notification letter, I found the following under Associate Professor:

"For appointment as Associate Professor, one should have a Ph.D with first class
or equivalent in the appropriate branch with a very good academic record
throughout and a minimum of six years Teaching/ Industry /Research experience,
of which at least three years should be at the level of Assistant Professors, Senior
Scientific Officer, Senior Design Engineer."

Does this mean that the "post-PhD" experience is no longer required? What if someone working in a CSIR lab, with 3 years as SSO, and 6 years overall all experience, wants to apply. Will they get an Associate professorship now, even if the PhD is recent (say in the last two years)?

I would really appreciate your comments on this.

Anonymous said...

I find the description of required experience for Assistant Professors very interesting. It says that the experience should be at least three years' industriallresearch/teachin~experience, excluding however,
the experience gained while pursuing Ph.D. So, if someone pursued a PhD, while being a lecturer/scientist, and had 3 years experience prior to that, it seems that they can apply for an assistant professor ship right at the end of the PhD. The "post-PhD" expression is conspicuously missing. Same for Associate Professor, where the total required experience is mentioned but "post-PhD" is missing.

This may be good news for people who pursued a PhD while being in academia or industry. The total work experience counts!


Anonymous said...

Lokanatha Reddy Says

Dear All,
It is disheartneing to note that teachers of IITs/IISc draw less than their 3-year Degree College colleagues and in particular to Degree College Principals (Which are mostly Private and some-what Govt. aided colleges). The differences are as under:

BASIC IIT UGCollegePrincipal Difference
12000: 38000 ..... Diff=.
12420: 38000 ..... Diff=.
12840: 38000 47400 Diff= 9400
13260: 38000 47400 Diff= 9400
13680: 38000 47400 Diff= 9400
14100: 38000 47400 Diff= 9400
14520: 38000 47400 Diff= 9400
14940: 38000 48530 Diff=10530
15360: 38000 48530 Diff=10530
15780: 38000 49690 Diff=11690
16200: 38140 49690 Diff=11550
16620: 38920 50890 Diff=11970
17040: 39700 50890 Diff=11190
17460: 40480 52120 Diff=11640
17880: 41260 52120 Diff=10860
18300: 42040 53390 Diff=11350
18720: 42820 53390 Diff=10570
19140: 43610 54700 Diff=11090
19560: 44390 54700 Diff=10310

Something is terribly wrong.

Pradnya said...

Presently in NITs you have lecturers,Asst. Professors and Professors. NITs have to follow the notification of UGC dated 31st Dec. 2008. It changes the names to Asst. Professor,Associate Professor and Professor. Now my question is what is the status of a recently appointed Asst. Professor who is drawing Rs. 12000 basic in the old scale . He is recruited directly so according to the UGC notification should he now not be called as Associate Professor and the notificaton further adds that Associate Professor is in PB 4. But in the fitment table of the UGC there is no place for a person in PB 4 who is drawing Rs.12000 basic.The new notification does not say anything about the recent appointments

Anonymous said...

The notified scales for IITs are nothing but simply the 6 CPC scales rounded off to nearest 1000 value and next to next 500 value for AGP for Associate & Professor with negative part of bunching the 5 years of service and bringing it to minimum.
Further, if one compare the UGC fitment table with the notified scales, one concludes that having 5 years of service is a crime. There is no difference of direct recruit and person with 5 years of service at asociate and Professor level. Situation is worse in case of assistant Professors.
Even the Director of Physical education/ Librarian/ registrar are better than Associate Professors. similarly, Deputy Registrar is better than Assistant Professors.
Perhaps MHRD feels that Teachers are a useless community. For them "Divide and Rule" is the best policy. They have cleverly divided the Professors. Also, they have gone against the basic policy of reducing the scales. They have increased the scales like for Lecturer, Assistant, associate, Professor, Senior Professor, Dy. Director, and Director.

Anonymous said...

Anon Sir, you had asked Prof. Giridhar to remove the sentence

"The committee had recommended that after three years with AGP of 8000, they will be moved to PB-4 with Rs. 37,000 with AGP of 9000 but this has not been approved."

But I think this is correct. IIT assistant professors will remain at PB3 even after three years of service. In other institutions, they will move to PB4.

Please clarify sir. Which is correct?

Anonymous said...

Looks like there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the notification:

IIT faculty seem to be gearing up for a strike, what about IISc?

Ankit said...

Dear Prof,

IITs have been active in protesting the injustice done to them by the 6th pay commission. Do you have any news of protests brewing in the IIMs or the IISC. These institutions are the cornerstones of technical education in India. People all over the world recognize these institutions by their names. I hope the politicians and bureaucrats rise above their petty politics and give the professors of these institutes their well-earned dues. If it continues like this I think these institutions will lose their status and whatever good is left of our education system will be lost.

kyapainhai said...
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Anonymous said...

everything is nice, Professor Giridhar. How about the hapless PHD students, I am sure that GOI has not given any look into this.

If the PHD salaries are not increased, how can we get best students for India doing the PHD and then serve as professors. Best talent is still with MNCs and software companies

Anonymous said...

A ph.d scholar gets 15,000 per month as scholarship. an assistant professor in iit gets 30,000 after tax + accommodation. How much should ph.d scholars be paid? more than assistant professor?

Anonymous said...

Here is an update: