Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chemical Engineering Journals

The growth of four general chemical engineering journals based on Scopus database. Conclusion: all are same now.


rajat 3rd sem said...

hi i am rajat goyal,

I am pursuing Btech Degree from IIIT-ALLAHABAD,ECE branch,final year

Here only IT people get placed(no scope for ECE),but i am totally interested in ECE

I belong to a middle class family,i thought i can't afford for MS in abroad and also i have not a great profile for MS in abroad.. just CGPA-8.00

So i thought about Mtech, to be in tech. field and for opportunities in Abroad

last year i gave GATE-2010(not seriously),and i got 97 percentile,So i think i can do better this year

But my aim is to get a job in abroad(either by Phd or by MS),or getting a good job in india(which is not possible in ECE from my college),and i also don't wanna get placed in any PSU

So please suggest me whether i can get admission in any good(top 15) university or not

Or either i should go for Mtech programme(IISC and IITB)....Through which i may get a job in india or go for PHD from abroad after that


One more thing i want to know for a good US university(for Phd),either i should opt IISC Banglore or IITB

I am totally confused ,

So please suggest me a good way to proceed......

Thanks in advance......

Joya said...

hanks for the post and continue posting.

You can find some Chemical Engineering Interview Question Answers in the below link

Chemical Engineering Interview Questions