Thursday, August 12, 2010

Supersaturation, melting, cooling

Retrograde melting is the process of a solid substance turning to liquid as its temperature decreases. The supersaturated wafer precipitated out its metals in liquid form as it cooled. Why is this important? Well, the melting process can be used to remove impurities in silicon-based semiconductors such as solar cells. Read all about it in the advanced materials. Similarly, you can also freeze water by heating it.


Anonymous said...

Good to see this paper coming out!! Just to let you know that Mathew (a Great scientist) and Sirine are studying this in ALS for last 1.5 years and finally they got some great results.
BTW: I was just wondering why dont we have any synchrotron facility in India. I mean why dont we (includes faculty in IIX, NITs or CSIR/Govt. Labs) put some efforts to make CAT, Indore bigger.
Or is there any serious efforts been put recently to make it world class? please let me know that.

Giri@iisc said...

IISc is planning to put a new synchrotron facility in the Chitradurga campus