Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Receiving gmail as sms

If you are like me who is unwilling to buy a GPRS phone (though IISc will pay for it) or spend money to check email, then you can get email alerts from gmail to your phone as SMS. One service that I have used for a long time is way2sms.com. You can register your mobile at way2sms.com and forward your gmail to username@way2sms.com.

In June 2010, Microsoft hotmail opened up free SMS services for its email services. Though I have had a hotmail account for a long time, I switched to gmail in Sep 2004 because I love the conversation view of gmail. Therefore,  I now forward my gmail (with filters) to hotmail and I can get sms of important emails. What are the filters that I set? Only emails from editors, my students, "good" colleagues and important administrators. Please look here for extensive details on how to set up the forwarding and filters.


Manabendra Saharia said...

Hello Sir,

You should check out the new Hotmail Live services.I found it particularly helpful, specially if you are a working professional or an academic. Plus you get a 25GB account free (Skydrive) and you could automatically save your .doc files to this drive.

And yes, the new hotmail provides conversation view like Gmail. And one step ahead. You can disable it if you dnt like it, unlike Gmail. (Like me!)

What do you think of mendeley? I would be particularly interested in a blog post on academic productivity software. You must have a useful first0hand view on this topic.

Giri@iisc said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes, the new hotmail has themes, conversation view and many other features that gmail lacks. I will start using hotmail more, especially for personal correspondence.

I did write a blog post on academic productivity software. See here.


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shyam said...

I have played around with this feature by forwarding my gmails to hotmail. Its not 100% reliable.
Not only read its possible to reply and even compose a mail via sms..


KSK said...

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Voice SMS said...

Glad to read about receiving gmail as sms

Thanks mate.