Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Opinions and comments and their moderation

I repeat myself largely from my previous post last year.

  • All opinions expressed in the blog posts are mine and mine alone. They do not represent my employer, IISc or that of the government of India.
  • For those who want to leave comments as anonymous, please leave a name, any nickname or even initials. Do not expect my response to your comment if there is no name or initials.
  • Comments on my blogs are not moderated. That is because even I though I may not agree with what you say, I believe in your right in saying so. This brings me to the main point: I am not responsible for the comments on the blog. They are expressed by readers and I neither endorse nor disagree with any of the comments, unless I explicitly state so in a subsequent post. 
  • This blog post is the result of many anonymous comments that are completely off-topic and abuse some of my colleagues. These are quite offensive and I would have deleted them but usually these comments will multiply if I delete them. Therefore, my kind request is to refrain making (or responding) to these comments. Please do not respond to flames !
Please do not send me personal emails (unless it affects you directly) stating that you do not agree with some of the comments in the blog. Neither do I but I usually do not moderate comments. After all, I expect most of the blog readers to be educated and will respect each other.

Further, I am traveling from September 16 to September 30 with only intermittent access to internet. 


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

what is your opinion about the HAG acale (GOI additional secretary scale) being given to senior professors? do you think the IAS lobby gave on their own (to attract the best)or because of faculty, media and Kapil Sibal's pressure? I know you may refarin from commenting, but a hint will be welcome.

Anonymous said...

you may refer to me as DPS (I commented on the HAG scale)

Anonymous said...

He has already commented on the HAG scale in the blog post on prospective faculty. Look there.

Ankur Kulkarni said...

Also, why do you think he would be in a position to comment or hint on the motivations of the IAS officers behind giving the HAG scale to IIT profs? It would be much better for everyone if we use this wonderful forum to know facts and information rather than seek gossip and rumours.

Anonymous said...

See Prof. Giri's statement:

Moving from PB4 to HAG scale will yield no additional benefits. A newly promoted professor will be placed in PB4 with the pay of 48,000 + 10,500 grade pay. Thus, he/she will get 58,500 in the first year. Subsequently, in 6 years or so, they will cross 67000, which is the starting scale for HAG.

Therefore, I do not think there is any monetary benefit.