Monday, September 27, 2010

Another ranking list

by a group in Australia based on data from Scopus. IISc's rankings:

Overall: 468
Sciences: 273
Engineering: 148

IIT-Kanpur is ranked higher than IISc in this ranking.


Anonymous said...

Clearly, these rankings are based on faculty research performance, since they talk about a "dream team" across universities. It is strange to see that IIT Kanpur, in spite of being located in the middle of nowhere, is able to attract star faculty, while IISc is not. What is more surprising is that IIT-K is supposedly an undergraduate school, while IISc is "into" research. There seems be be a constant downward slide in IISc's performance, what is going on?

It is interesting to see that several Asia/Pacific Universities are in the top 100. Mostly Japanese and Australian. NUS, Singapore also makes the cut. No Chinese university in the top 100 though.

G Sivalingam said...

To Anon,
IT is not strange to see a IIT/Kanpur in the list and indeed it deserves much better place. The working atmosphere is extremely good for faculty as well as students. This makes geographical location as a trivial factor for researchers.

Of course, I am equally pained to read lower ratings for IISc as an aluminus of both IISc and IIT/Kanpur.


sendhil said...

as an alum i am not surprised. remember that pride comes before a fall as the 2008 financial crisis showed?

Anonymous said...

Australia is a damned racist country.
A ranking by them is ridiculous
and is not trustworthy. What have
they done for original research themselves ?

Instead of ranking, production of
papers and citations, it'd be worth
the public money being put into
India's elite institutes if the researchers there focus on doing
tangible science that solves the problem
targeted and not merely generates
a publication. And do it like no body's business that we know we are doing good
science spontaneously and that we do not have to go by number games of metrics and what others rank. Such focus would automatically take Indian science to leadership position, since
a tangible result is ignored at the
ignoramus's peril.

Anonymous said...


rightly said. emphasis in research should always be on the solving problems, and also on solving tough/complex problems.

research should not be done by keeping things like production of papers in mind(although a high number citations can mean that the quality of the research is good)