Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Congratulations to Anand for winning the world championship. Each of the tiebreak games were excellent to watch. The first game was even and both had chances to win but both ran out of time. The second game was definitely even till around move 45, even though Anand was a pawn up, but Gelfand had no time left and Anand won the end game in 77 moves. Games 3 and 4 were drawn by Anand by moving away from standard variations.

Congratulations to Anand for defending his title again! After his family moved back from Madrid to Chennai permanently, many critics accused him of losing his edge. Glad he has proved everyone wrong.

He is coming to Chennai in three days and I hope he is welcomed well. After all, recently the state sponsored the victory celebrations of a private club.


Anonymous said...

Many people do not understand the gravity of Vishy's feat.. a world champion five times unknown guy named Bisla who slammed a few runs in one T20 cricket innings is a household name, but the modest Vishy who is a world champion many times over does not get even a bit of the adulation that such cricketer's get.. Vishy truly deserves the Bharat Ratna

Anonymous said...

5th World Title in an individual
sport ! What an achievement !

No cheerleaders; no drums; no star spectators; no crowds; no noise and no tantrums!

There are only a few who can come anywhere close to him on the world stage.

At least professors of premier institutions appreciate this achievement.

Anonymous said...

Why does one have to put down other sports to recognize Vishwanathan's achievements?

I don't get this Indian mentality. If you don't like IPL just post the criticisms of the IPL and try to convince others not to watch it by pointing out it's flaws and weaknesses. Why elevate chess to bring down IPL.(I myself don't like many things about the IPL but it would be foolish to criticize it by elevating other sports in front of it)

Also chess is not a sport, it's a game. Cricket is a sport. So trying to elevate the status of Football or Hockey vis-a-vis Cricket is fine, but doing the same with Chess in front of Cricket(IPL to be more precise) sounds utterly foolish and insane.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the last comment. We dont have to put something down to recognize Vishy's achievement.

Vishy is wonderful and so is IPL in its own sense (with shortcomings).


Anonymous said...

If Vishy didnt belong to TN, this post would not have appeared. We Indians have a bias towards everything.

Giri@iisc said...

It is very unfortunate that I am being bashed for bias !

First, I did not criticize the IPL. I feel if a state government can spend crores of money to felicitate the win of a private club, some felicitation is in order for winning the world championship.

Vishy Anand belonging to TN has nothing to do with my post. I have written about chess before and I was a state player in chess during the time of Anand. I used to play chess very regularly before I became a faculty in IISc.


Anonymous said...

Winning 5 times chess championship is great acheivement, today we are discussing chess only due to Vishy Anand.

Anonymous said...

It is really unfortunate that someone would stoop to calling Giridhar biased in favour of TN. It is quite clear that Prof Giridhar is very knowledgeable in chess and has every right to make this blog entry.

Regarding felicitations, if an Indian or an Indian team would win an international tennis or hockey or football tournament the felicitations would be very grand(equivalent to any cricket victory) as these are sports.

Chess is not a sport and hence felicitations would be lesser, but it should be there nonetheless as Vishy is truly a great player.

Anonymous said...

I would like "Didi" to felicitate Anand...and I am from Bengal.