Sunday, May 27, 2012

Education policies

The author of the blog states,

Good-hearted policy makers would have decided that if you throw a lot of money into equipment -- independent of all other aspects that go into research and education -- surely research quality will improve!

It is not as if the policy makers are unaware that this alone will not work. It is just that this is the easiest. It is too difficult to overhaul the complete system or even think about this...just give money and hope things work out !

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Anonymous said...

Many of these self proclaimed prophets do not seem to realize that the economic scenario has changed a lot from say in 1995 to say 2010 or even 2015.
So even though we have a lot more money, we are still stuck with the old system, of course there are many good profs even in the old system.
The number of talented students i would say has generally gone up as also the number of good researchers and profs/aspiring profs. What we need is expansion of education/research.

As Prof Giri mentioned overhauling the whole system quickly will be tough but giving money to buy equipment seems to be a good idea to improve research output but is by no means the be all and end all.

One thing i would like to ask Prof Giri is that why are we still importing most of our scientific equipment? Why can't most of the scientific equipment be made in India? Surely it would be a lot more economical and will also give the necessary skills to our Indian researchers and manufacturers.