Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Distribution of Marks in GATE

My last post discussed the actual marks obtained in GATE 2009 and the corresponding percentiles for several branches of engineering. My colleague, Abi, collected the data for metallurgy and posted it. Here it is (percentile-marks)


These marks are generally higher at every percentile level compared to chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics and civil engineering. Let us look at another major branch, electrical engineering,


The difference in the distribution of marks is obvious. EE is much more closely clustered than Chemical and mechanical, which are closely clustered than metallurgy. A mistake in one 2 mark question will set you back by 2.66 marks from the candidate who answered it correctly. Thus a large distribution of marks is desirable. Setting a paper like EE where scoring 22 marks lands you in the 92nd percentile is not good for separating the good from the excellent students.

Both my colleagues who set the EE paper and MT paper, respectively, are good friends of mine but let me go ahead and congratulate the colleague who set the MT paper and achieved a good distribution of marks.


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ on your statement like the good distribution of marks depend on the standard of paper? It depends on the total number of students sitting for that. I read the other blog too ( ur colleague @ MT ). Well I haven't done my first hand research yet, but in my opinion, if there is 1000 students taking paper A and 100 students taking paper B, you can figure out the problem of marks distribution, not because of paper standard but just because of number of ppl taking it. Another thing about JEE cut off ( the other blog ), He hasn't mentioned that there was -ve marking in JEE. so the marks would have varied from -33 to 100. so seeing individual cutoff 0 in physics doesnt surprise me. Its the quality of JEE :)
PS* I am trying to do my research on GATE and JEE. will put my findings soon

Anonymous said...

btw I would like to let you the Admission criteria for Mtech @ IIT Kanpur this year :

M.Tech.: B.Tech./B.E./B.Sc.(Engg.)/M.Sc. in respective or allied area with a valid GATE/UGC/CSIR score; B.Tech. graduates from IITs with an overall minimum CGPA of 6.5 and a CGPA of 8.0 during the last two semesters in B.Tech. may also apply without a GATE score (such candidates will, however, be not entitled for Institute Assistantship if CGPA is below 8.0). For M.Tech. in Biological Sciences and Bio Engineering, candidates with MBBS or B.Pharma Degree are also considered. Eligibility for a specialization within a Department may depend on the candidate’s choice of test paper in GATE.

Anonymous said...

sir i have got gate score of 97.85 apart from iisc and iits which are the other institute who take gate score for in life i didnt have maths in my so i m not eligible for iit

Anonymous said...

Could you please give statistics of marks vs percentile for Physics exam?

pradeep singh pawar said...

sir ,
i have given gate 2009 from mechanical .i have 2nd rank in gate 2009 (99.99%),my gate score is 906.i have opted my m.e in iisc
banglore .what are chances whether
i wll get m.e or not .

Giri@iisc said...

Dear Pradeep,

Congrats on getting AIR 2 in GATE. If you have opted for ME in mech engineering in IISc, you should be able to get it because admissions are based only on GATE score.

However, you have to check with admissions section of IISc. I do not have role in the ME admissions.



devv said...

i am devendra agarwal. i want your help regarding the preparation for gate mechanical. i also want to know how much is the cut off marks for admissions in iisc and iits

sairam said...

Hi Dear,
i am Sathya, fortunately i came to know about Ph.D programe without Gate score in IISc. I am doing my final year Mechanical Engn in Tamilnadu. I am interested in Research, will i eligible for that for the next year(2010). Please sir post ur comments here. OR Please send the details to mail

Advance Honourable Thanks for u sir

Anonymous said...

im doing my final BE civil. I would like to know the minimum GATE mark required for iits, iisc and nits

Anonymous said...

hello sir..
sir is there integrated ph.d programme in electrical engg in iisc.
what is placement statistics in iisc for M.E in electrical

a long way 2 go! said...

Hi Giri sir!
i appeared in gate 2010 from ee and i'm expecting around 58 marks. if u can give me an idea of the percentile i can expect to get and the courses for which i would be able to get a call from iisc, i shall be highly obliged.

Anonymous said...

hi,Giri sir,.....I am a 3rd year chemical engineering student.I had appeared in gate 2010 and expecting to get around 25 marks.....can u plz say what I can expect

kasicheyanula said...

Hi sir, I'm AIR -40 in EEE in GATE -2010 nd i gt M.E. in electrical engineering. Can u plz tell me wht r the job oppurtunities for M.E. in EE ??
Waiting for ur reply....