Monday, March 16, 2009

Marks and GATE

Subsequent to my last post, I received a few emails inquiring about the actual marks obtained by the candidates and the corresponding GATE percentile. The GATE 2009 results were announced yesterday and the following are the percentile with the corresponding marks in chemical engineering.


Suppose you think this is an anomaly, let us look at major branches,

Civil engineering


Computer Science

Electronics and Communication


Mechanical Engineering


The cutoff for the M.E program in chemical engineering in IISc is higher than 99 percentile i.e., the candidate should have scored more than 66 out of 100 in the GATE exam. However, if the candidate has scored less than 1/3 of this (i.e.,22), (s)he is eligible for the Ph.D program !


Anonymous said...

Well I do not see the rationale! Why IISc allows GATE toppers to opt for ME? Should not it be same as USA/Singapore that first preference is given for the candidates who opt for PhD?

Giri@iisc said...

The interesting statistic is that many GATE toppers prefer M.E over Ph.D. After they finish M.E, 70-75% of them go for a job while 10-20% of them go for Ph.D in USA. Less than 5-10% of our M.E students go on to do a doctorate in India.

Abi said...

Great numbers! Thanks for sharing.

Now how does one get similar data for other disciplines? I'm specifically interested in the data for the MT paper (metallurgical engineering).

Many thanks for the pointer!

Giri@iisc said...

Dear Abi,

You have to walk down to the GATE office and look at the board displayed there (outside the office). It shows the registration numbers and the air india rank of the candidate. Note down the registration numbers whose ranks are 1, 10, 50, 100 etc. Come back to

and search for that registration number. You will get the marks and the percentile of the candidate.

Please note the board outside the GATE office shows the results of candidates who have qualified from this zone. While a range of ranks will be covered for big branches like EC,EE and even chem engg., it is normally not complete for branches like MT, AE etc. This is because the number of candidates who write these papers from our zone are small.

Of course, the easier way is to just ask one of the (Vice)Chairman of GATE to give you the complete list :-)


Anonymous said...

use RTI -;)

Anonymous said...

Well, If universities allow a large number of Indian students going to USA for PhD will also opt for MS only. As far as I remember from our BE days, people use to put PhD as main option after they write GRE because for MS chances of getting Scholarship or even admission was lower than that for PhD. I do not understand why India gives this choice. Regarding your comment about statistics, we would know better if for one year IISc and IIT reverses the order (i.e., toppers will be offered PhD only and Masters admission will starts only after PhD admission is closed).

Giri@iisc said...

Dear Ansumali,

Forget about M.E. Many of our M.E students prefer to go for a job.

But why not try to do what you say for our research program i.e., we will offer M.Sc (Engg) admission only after Ph.D admission is closed. This is what the council, director and the top administration has been pleading that engineering departments do this. So far, only materials engineering (previously metallurgy) has implemented this.

The argument against is that departments like computer science and electronics will not get any research students if we close the M.Sc (Engg) program.


Anonymous said...

You say that "if the candidate has scored less than 1/3 of this (i.e., < 22), then (s)he would not have qualified in GATE but is eligible for our Ph.D program !"
Let me ask you something, don't you think IISc will not compromise with the quality of students by whichever way they get in?
okay let me put it in another way:
There will be 2 kinds of people who will get the opportunity to apply @ IISc because of the Without-Gate-will-Consider-Btech-for-phd-in-Engg.
1) Those guys who didn't qualify GATE
2) Those guys who didn't take GATE. ( Reason may be many, out of country, missed, etc etc )

Now lets take the 1st case,

Do you think any bright guy wont be able to score 22 marks ( lets for ur stream only ) in an Exam like GATE? Okay lets ask this in other way, do you think a Btech from IIT or NIT won't be able to clear GATE? I suppose the answer will be 99% of them will qualify.
so most of them (from IITs or NITs) who will apply without GATE score will fall in 2nd category.
Now, IISc can filter the guys very easily by seeing their past acad record. IISc is not offering something like Direct admission to them. I don't understand where does the problem lie?
You are only seeing the -ve part of it. there is a +ve aspect of the decision taken by IISc and I do believe they must have considered the above cases.
So there is nothing to crib about w/o GATE admission for Btech for Phd in Engg.

Giri@iisc said...

Dear Anon,

Thanks for your comment. Many do think 99% of B.Tech from NIT will qualify GATE. So, why do you look at the facts? If you will look up the statistical report of GATE 2006 or 2007, you will find the colleges (other than IITs) that have the highest qualifying percentage are BITS (Pilani)m, NIT-K and NIT-T, where nearly 50-55% of B.Tech who write GATE qualify in it. Overall, for NITs, the percentage is less than 40.

However, many do think all B.Techs from NIT will qualify. The interview committee are always biased towards candidates from IIT/NIT. Because there is actually no way of knowing whether a candidate really wrote GATE and did not qualify or whether he could not write GATE at all, it is presumed that he would qualified if he written the exam. This puts students from other colleges who actually qualified at a disadvantage. I had always believed that GATE was sort of a levelling ground on which you compare a wide variety of candidates.

If you believe that committees are not biased towards candidates from NIT/IIT, we can agree to differ on this subject.



Nilesh Sawarkar said...

Why not just say that for the PhD program, we will also accept GRE scores in lieu of the GATE? That way, there is a filter (must at least take the initiative of taking one exam outside of your normal courses). And many who are applying to schools abroad will also apply to IISc. You make offers, and you never know- the student who gets a marginal univ. admission may opt to stay in India - the pay's good, hostel accomodation - why not? That way you advertise your program more, and get more applications in. You also align yourself internationally - you may even get foreign students applying.

KIRAN said...





devesh said...

hello sir this is devesh here,,,m doing btech in it branch and wanna to appear fr gate,,,plz gve some tips to crack it with high percentile so that i could get admi... in iisc..waiting fr ur retort

kaushal said...

I'm from cs branch. I want to know
Is it necessary to join any coaching institute for gate preparation????
please show me path, how can i crack gate exam. please give me some tips & tricks so that i could get IISC.

Anonymous said...

Gate score is valid for one year, so can a IIIrd year student appear and if qualifies,can take admission for or not?

Giri@iisc said...

Gate score is valid only for one year now. Therefore, if you take the exam when you are in the third year, it will not be valid when you graduate

honey jassal said...

hi sir .i m honey jassal student of mechanical.engg . i m in 7 sem.i want to prepare for gate. plz tel me from where to start. minnimum marks for getting admition in iit's nd iisc

positive possibilities... said...

great info...
thanks sir!!

nikhil mishra

Anonymous said...

Sir im a BE student in the fourth year.I will be giving GATE 2010.My Branch is Computer Science.I wnted to know what is the cutoff to get admission to IISC banglore.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Are foreign student required to take GATE?if yes,how can they properly prepare for the exam,and is there any substitute outside indian GATE exam?

vishnu chandran said...

sir, can u send a list which includes the marks scored , GATE score and their percentile in GATE 2009 mechanical engineering paper?

Tejas said...

Thanks a million for the information. The marks and ranks provided by you are invaluable in setting a goal for the Gate exam. Gauging competition is the first step for any person to write an entrance test.

ambiquity said...

Dear sir, pls mail me the details of cut off for IIT Madras and IISC for GATE2009 Computer Science....

gautam said...

great work sir! thanks for sharing all this..

Research Papers Writing said...

Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying its possible to do PhD right after engineering? I have been looking for this information for ages. Its very hard to find the details of the programs in IISC in the official website.
So we have to write GATE to be eligible for this program? Is it available for a biology(variation) programs?

sudhindra said...

can you inofrm me about the cutoff score required for doing MS in electronics (preferably microelectronics) engg??

is it true that candidates with lesser percentile ( upto 97percentile ) qualify for this course??

shweta said...

Hi Sir,
Could you please give me information about the cutoffs of IIT bombay, delhi, IISc Bangalore and also of other IIT's for doing M.E. with Electronics.

Bharad said...

Sir ur marks vs rank that u have posted in this does not match with the data in

can u please clear up the things a bit...

Giri@iisc said...


Before accusing me of posting wrong data, can you please tell me where I have posted the data in

Sowmya said...

Hello Sir,
I'm writing GATE 2010 in Chemical Engineering. Can you give me some last minute tips especially for CH.


Hello sir
I am a GATE 2011 aspirant Currently i am Studying B tech CSE from Jadavpur University (kolkata)
plzz mail me the Percentile/marks of 2009 and 2008 gate
With regards

Anonymous said...

thanks for the Info Sir helped a lot

Gaurav said...

Could you please tell me when the ME results for 2010 will come?

nano said...

Sir one of my senior from Computer science has been selected in IISc banglore this year.I am a mechanical engineering student.Sir I want to know how should I study to get admission in IISc banglore next year.My senior has prepared for GATE from IIT videos.Please also suggest me how to prepare for IISc interview. Thanks

Anonymous said...

hello sir,i m PARAG SAHARE from NAGPUR,MAHARASHTRA sir i want to know the perfect eligibility criteria with percentages for gate exam.actually i have two backlogs in my first year can it affect on to give the GATE exam.Pls reply me at

Shubham said...

Dear Sir,
I have scored 15067 rank in AIEEE-2011 and I am expecting to get Chemical Branch in NIT-T, NIT-K and some other NITs or maybe Polymer Technology at ICT ,Mumbai. Can you please suggest me which institute should I prefer, as my aim is to pursue post graduation from IISc Banglore.