Thursday, July 2, 2009

Faculty quota

The MHRD minister has clarified that the faculty quotas are applicable in IIT/IISc. “Faculty reservations in IITs are a fact. Any attempt to exempt them is infructuous,” Sibal told directors of the Indian Institutes of Technology at a workshop organised by the human resource development ministry to help prepare eight newborn IITs for joining India’s premier engineering school brand.


Pratik Ray said...

Rather sadly, it looks like the successive MHRD top brass are the ones who are ridiculous. They cant even make a statement without having to backtrack now and then.

Anonymous said...

Prof. Madras:

Can you please enlighten us on the existing faculty hiring and retention rates in IISc? Is the IISc falling short of its hiring targets? In the recent years, have you had trouble retaining people? If yes, do you think that the imposition of quotas will affect any of these figures?


Giri@iisc said...

There is no hiring targets; I do not know about electrical sciences but the rest of the departments, the faculty almost never resign.