Monday, July 6, 2009


Based on the budget, I looked at the numbers for IISc. Our plan and non-plan budget was at 130 and 91 crores (total:221) for last year. This has now been revised to 75 and 149 crores (total:224) for this year. This is good news, even though the overall budget is almost the same, the plan and non-plan grants have been changed. The reason is that the non-plan budget accounts for salaries, pensions, electricity, water, internet and library subscriptions. Because none of these heads can be cut, IISc had a tough time because more than 120 crores is required just for this and a deficit budget was always projected. With the sixth pay commission scales, this expenditure would have gone up to 145 crores and this money would, at least, enable a non-deficit non-plan budget for this year. However, the cut in the plan budget would entail reducing the growth of infrastructure.


Anonymous said...

I found item 63 on page 142 hilarious: to set up new NITs, the govt has allocated 20 crores in 2009-2010. Given that for every IIT they announce, they announce 10 NITs, they will probably have 20 new NITs announced by then. So, 1 crore per NIT. I hope they don't set one up in Sadashivanagar in Bangalore, because the whole institute will have to be run from someone's kitchen.

This is what I call "cooking it up"!

Ebrahim Kabir said...

Loved the blog and the commitment. A lesson for any researcher.

Giri@iisc said...

Anon:There is no plan to set up new NITs this year though there is a plan to set up new NITs later. The budget is correct.

Kabir: Thanks

kamalakar said...

Respected sir,

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