Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Science in India

In an article in Science titled Science in the Future of India, Professor C.N.R. Rao talks about the initiatives taken by the government to promote science in India. An excerpt,

But the human resources essential for supporting an expanded S&T agenda are lacking. Young graduates today are readily attracted to professions other than those related to science and engineering; thus, banking, business, and information technology have become immensely popular. India must now focus on creating a large body of outstanding young people interested in taking up professions in science and engineering. To improve the quality of the university education system, new support is being provided.

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Anonymous said...

I will dispute CNR on this. I would love all other professions to compete much more against science/engineering academic career so that it exposes where the fault lines lie in the way the academic system right from family, school to the univ level. and in fact a univ system should develop which can cater to both these tracks and **not only** fragmented specialist instis like IITS/IISc/IISERS