Friday, July 3, 2009

Crossing the digital divide - IIT helps

In an interesting article titled, "How to cross the digital divide, Rwanda style", the author explains how Rwanda is emerging in the IT field with the help of IITs,

Rwanda sends 300 students at a time to Indian Institute of Technology to develop skills in hardware, software and telecom they can bring back to their home country. When one kid graduates, another one gets to go. Why IIT? It?s cheaper than Western schools, just as good at training engineers, and has a better understanding of the challenges and needs of emerging markets, Bakuramutsa says. In addition, Rwanda hopes their kids will pick up some of the Indians entrepreneurial spirit. (Pay attention here, US: We're no longer the education destination of choice for the emerging world.)

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Yayaver said...

amazing... still we have only few seas in IITs despite of huge population and condition of national universities is more regional in nature both in faculty and students..