Saturday, October 10, 2009

UG admission

I have been getting emails inquiring about the admission of the UG program after the report by Times of India that remarked that it could be by IIT-JEE. The report states that "As IISc is a member of IIT-JEE, one possibility is take students through JEE based on their ranking and performance." IISc is NOT a member of IIT-JEE.

The admission procedure has not been decided yet. But I am suggesting that the admission be through KVPY because IISc has been conducting KVPY exams for a long time. Further, qualification in KVPY ensures a scholarship of Rs. 80,000 per year till the student completes the study.

Two days back, when I was travelling to Pune, I was asked by a fellow passenger, "Aren't you glad that your colleague got the Nobel Prize in Chemistry?" The reason was that the hindustan times had a front page article titled, "IISc prof wins the Nobel prize." Though the online version of the paper has now changed the title (keeping the content the same), I have the printed copy of the newspaper with me.

The message is that newspapers may create news to attract your attention. Do not believe it in entirety.


Anonymous said...

The TOI reporter might have intended to say Iisc is a member of the IIT council. But that still wouldn't have made sense. HT' mistake was an egregious one though

Anonymous said...

Even BBC had a title saying 'Indian wins Nobel prize for chemistry'. Unfortunately Prof. Venki is now an American citizen.
Wish an Indian wins sooner than later so that some passion gets ignited especially among the kids!

Giri@iisc said...

To anon @12.27 pm

The IIT council has more than 30 members of which IISc director is a member. The decisions of IIT council do not influence IISc.


Dada said...

Hello Sir,

Till what time will the IISc keep awarding centenary post doctoral fellowship? What is the general procedure for that? will the individual be permitted to do his own research or will a faculty member be assigned to him?

Bhargav said...
This news item still has it. It seems to have been sourced from Hindustan times.