Monday, December 28, 2009

Administrative procedures in IISc

In a comment on the post, Bharat says,

About administrative issues, the US universities have a really good system of "welcoming" new faculty. They have a half-day to a daylong "orientation" session for all new faculty. Presentations are made by people from administrative staff that is extremely relevant to the prevailing procedures in the university.

For example, an IIX can have a single day orientation for all new faculty that deals with presentations by senior faculty or administrative staff on the following topics:
1) Settling down: Campus accommodation, pay and benefits overview, Campus facilities: Gymkhana, Health Centre, Library, etc.
2) Kickstarting your teaching: Student admission procedures, grading system, course styles offered by current faculty, resources available for teaching, teaching awards.
3) Kickstarting your research: Selecting PhD students, Grant writing, introduction to funding agencies, buying equipment, travel and reimbursement procedure, fellowships available to new faculty and procedures.
4) Projects and Consulting: Rules, regulations, procedures etc.
5) Operational Overview of the Institute: Directors' office, Various Deans, Senate, Payroll and Finance, Support Staff, Guidelines in dealing with non-teaching staff.
6) Cultural issues: Many local culture specific issues that faculty coming back from abroad after a long time(or foreign faculty) may not know.
All it takes is a group of interested faculty/staff to put this together and this can sustain itself from year to year based on voluntary work.
 Because IISc (and most IITs) recruit only 3-4 faculty every quarter, it is impossible to hold orientation programs for new faculty. However, it is possible to write about each of this in separate posts. I will write about the above topic one by one in 2010. Thanks for the suggestion.


Anonymous said...

Dear Prof. Madras,

What happens if one accepts the offer from IIX and later if s/he decide not to join? Is there any central database maintained? How serious the IIT system hanldes this kind of situation?


Anonymous said...


It is not profeesional...

I also heard that MHRD maintains a central database of people who accepted the offer but not joined for some reasons, but, I'm not sure if they use this information in the recruitment procees or for some other purposes? May be others will through more light on this.

Good luck

Giri@iisc said...

MHRD maintains no such databases. All recruitments are handled locally by each IIT and selected or rejected candidates are not informed by IITs to MHRD. Numbers are informed but not actual names and biodata.

But, if you accept an offer in X dept of IITX, the other X depts in IITs are likely to know because it the same set of people who serve on selection committees of many IITs.

Anonymous said...

Prof. Madras,

I guess till one accepts an offer, one can go for interviews to mutiple IIXs. One definitely can have multiple offers from different IIXs within a given timeframe till one accepts one.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prof. Madras,
In the open advertisement for faulty postions in IISc website, it is mentioned that Assistant Professors are recruited at PB3 for 3 years. Is this correct?

Anonymous said...


If the positions are faulty, why apply?

office administrator said...

A agree wit prof. Madras!! Appropriate Answer!!!