Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Search engines

I have been an user of Mathematica ever since 1993 and I used to use it extensively for my research as well as during teaching a course on numerical methods. I wanted to write about a wonderful science search engine, Wolfram alpha, but Sachin Shanbagh has already written an article on it. For an alternative view, check out this. Anyway, Wolfram alpha is worth a look.

In case, mathematics or science is not your cup of tea (or coffee) and you are looking for a different sort of search engine (don't be surprised if google hits the Indian market first), look at this - the google matrimonial !


mukesh said...

sir i am aspirant of gate-2010 i want to know about aptitude test of gate-2010.which type of syllabus or question will be casked or covered for aptitude test.please mail to me at "mukesh0111@gmail.com"

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ask him to send you the GATE question paper itself?

Fly, You Fools Comics said...

Mukesh: This will go in your Google Matrimonial search history. Google will remember you asked for the paper.

Is this something you wish your future life partner to find out?

tez said...

Argh!! Its an aptitude test!! does that have some syllabus??! grow up mukesh.