Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Air travel

I had earlier written about the requirement to write to the joint secretary to get permission for travel by private airlines. Please follow the format given here. You can write to one of the following,

Joint Secretary Shri P.N. Sukul sukulpn@nic.in 24610386
Joint Secretary Shri Alok Sinha sinha.alok@nic.in 24616303
Under Secretary Shri S.K. Chhikara Chhikara.sk@nic.in 24610372

You can fax the letter to 24640213 or call Sharma at 24632950 ext 2873.

Please add STD code of (011) to all phone numbers above.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the useful information

Venkatesh said...

Mr. S.K. Chhikara's (Under Secretary) phone number is 24610364. Please correct this in your blog.