Thursday, December 31, 2009

Home page

I have received a few emails informing me that they are unable to access my web page hosted in IISc because of the security certificate. This is in Actually, I never point to this as my web page because of slow connections outside IISc. I have a page maintained at googlepages, which now redirects you to the page at googlesites.

I have been aware of this problem for over a month and have reported it. Previously, I would logged in myself as the sysad and renewed the certificate. But I have not done it because lately I am sick of doing things, which are others are paid/supposed to do but do not do. Just now a thought came in my mind: How about making this a new year resolution?


Pratik Ray said...

Yeah, even other than the security certificate, a main problem with the IISc website (almost ALWAYS!) has been that its damn slow.

The googlepages website is rather nice and convenient though.

Anonymous said...

This seems to be in contradiction with earlier posts (related to faculty hiring) about excellent IT services and computational facilities at IISc. Overall IISc website is too slow to be accessed. It needs to be improved to match its excellent research capabilities.

Giri@iisc said...

IISc has excellent computational facilities and the internet speeds of outside sites from IISc is quite good. But the access of outside sites to IISc is quite slow (as compared to say, google), which is quite expected.